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Blurring the line between life and death

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In the RAW a character exceeding his Wound Threshold is either unconscous or dead. Imo it may be more interesting to add a 'Dying' state inbetween.

N.B. This will also increase PC survivibility - which you may or may not want in your game...

So the following section replaces the 'Character Death' section on p63 of book one.

Critical wounds and exceeding a player character’s maximum wound threshold can put the character in great peril. After a character is knocked unconscious and one of his normal wounds has been converted into a critical wound, compare the total severity rating of critical wounds to the character’s Toughness.

  • If the character's critical wound severity does not exceed twice his Toughness rating, he is unconscious but stable.
  • If the character exceeds twice his Toughness rating in critical wound severity, he is dying.
  • If the character exceeds three times his Toughness rating in critical wound severity, than he is dead.

In order to save a dying character he needs to be helped quickly, during or soon after the end of the encounter (or GM’s discretion). Saving the character’s life can be done via healing wounds or converting critical wounds into normal wounds:

The character is stabilized if his total number of wound cards is reduce to his wound threshold (or below) or his total severity of critical wounds is reduce to twice his Toughness (or below).

If First Aid is use to temporarily ignore the effect of a Critical, the character may be temporarily stabilized. If sufficient recovery is not made with a night’s rest the character will die.

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