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3D printed Dial Upgrades

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So i recently got my hands on 3D printed Dial upgrades and they are fantastic, however i've run into the problem that i dont have the ship tokens to mark those dials for the ships i'm using them for, because i did not buy the original dial upgrades.

Because of that I have many ships missing the cardboard tokens, and i also have some that should have the tokens but dont (I think i must have lost them in the recent tumble my token box took off a table...).

What i am wondering if there is a solution to print tokens or something similar?

If anyone has any ideas to help, they would be very appreciated!

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3 hours ago, genXesis said:

Use numbers. Just print them out. Similar to the ones sold on Etsy (do a search for x-wing HUD).

I do very much like this idea actually.  This seems very viable.

On 4/14/2017 at 4:28 PM, BlodVargarna said:

That is sweet!

I can ask the person who did them for me where he got them? They are very cool.

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