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Showcase: Firespray-31

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3 hours ago, Force Majeure said:

Looks great! Have you tried doing washes before? I think that would really make take it up a notch.

I have not.  I'm almost brand new to painting miniatures, with my only experience being adding Republic markings to Armada's Victory-Class SDs.  

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On 5/12/2017 at 9:46 PM, Kharnete said:


This was the first thing I ever fully painted, and while I liked how it looked for such a simple and quick job, I've decided to repaint her once again due the change on the lists she's in on 2.0, moving from dual Firespray lists to fliying with her minions, so she: A) will get her true colours (#TeamMetalKath) and B) she will match the Binary pirates fleet I'm preparing. I've also added some battle damage. And I need to buy gloss varnish for the cockpit.


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Here's my obligatory Kath Scarlet "Marauder" paint job. Such a fun model, and such a fun color scheme to paint.

I learned a lot about doing a proper glossy finish on canopies doing this model -- it took three failures (sanding down and retrying) before I finally got a decent finish.

I broke the two little tail guns due to roughly handling this model with my kiddos, so I replaced the broken guns with belly turrets from a couple of YT-1300s. I like this fix; there's a bit more dakka on this ship now!


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Posted (edited)

One of the children wanted to have a ghost themed Firespray for the "skull squadron" the child is flying.

I would have weathered it quite a bit, but child wanted to have the whitish clean appearance.


(and I painted it in early autumn, so that's independent of @Morfeas333 ' nicy one above.)

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