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Little log for painting all the MoM figures!

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Sup guys? I'm currently trying to get all the MoM figures painted, though I still haven't got Suppressed Memories so those models will come a bit later.

For fun I figured I might make a log and update as I go along.

First of all, after my first game, I hated the bases included in the game so much that I for a moment regretted even getting the game(!). I have gotten the impression that I'm not the only one, so enough about that. I came to my senses and ordered some clear plastic bases instead. :)

I started with the monsters, and will begin working on the Investigators after I'm done with all the monsters I have (base game, Recurring Nightmares and Beyond the Threshold).

So, here goes. First off, I did some cultists. I slightly regret going with the greyish purple, they would probably have looked better in more striking purple...


After that I did some slimy Deep Ones. Pretty fun models, though the flash from casting was pretty rough.


Continuing the Innsmouth (pronounced like Plymouth! Seriously people!) theme, some smelly fishermen and a Child of Dagon.


And the regular Innsmouth crowds, the Riots.


After that, I only had 4 regular humans left. The witches and the Maniacs. I didn't really 'get' the witches, I even found the design sketches on the web and read the designers notes. For me Lovecraft witches tend to be a bit more repelling. And her breasts... It's like the sculptor wanted the nipples to be hidden, but failed to get the anatomy right or something? I tried to compensate by painting fake shadows and so on.


Anyway, then I had some Zombies! Everybody loves zombies. Too bad I had painted 105 of the buggers for a different game not too long ago! I took this as an oppertunity to paint them more like reanimated bodies, and not like the more extreme semi-decomposed zombies you often see in fantasy settings for example. Also, ghosts! Would be cool to make casts of them and make my own in semi transparent bluish resin. :)


And then we have some guests from angled space, the Hounds! It was fun to paint source light on them. :)


Mi-gos and Hunting Horrors! Should perhaps have made the Horrors darker? I'm a bit disappointed with the Mi-gos. I really like them from the Mythos, buy they are described as about 5 feet long, they seem to walk more on their hind legs being a bit more human-like, and their faces are just a bunch of antennae. These models don't really match that, and I don't get why they had to give them faces (in the form of some kind of mask)? Still, pinkish/red turn more red or red/orange for me. And since they mine the earth, I figured I might give em gold masks, to make it clear they are in fact masks. It also ties them in a bit with the gold details on the cultists.


Easy to forget, since they hide so much, the Cthonians!


And then, one of my favorite monsters from the Mythos, the Shoggies! First guy I did a bit like I felt at the moment.





Second I tried to follow the concept art on the card a bit closer, with a bit darker and more greenish body, and black eyes.



And both of them side by side, just because they are so cute! :wub:


Next up will probably be the Star Spawn, then perhaps the Thralls. After that I might start getting some Investigators done.
Hope you like it!

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Thanks a lot guys & gals! :)

I realized some of the pics didn't really show the models as well as I would have liked, so I took some new pics.

Happy with the fiddly eyes on my hybrids, though the painting otherwise isn't all that special.


Also, the Mi-go are carrying a head, pulling out the brain with was a really fun detail to paint.


And I'm also really happy with the eyes and the general skin tone of the witches! Getting the gradients right was a real challenge. I tried taking care to mix in some red in the skin for the hands, feet and face, and I'm really happy it paid off. They look rather alive I think. Though perhaps I should have worked more on giving them a more sensual look? The girl to the left looks rather hesitant, and the one to the right looks... determined? Their expressions don't really match the pose of the models. Still, it was a learning experience. :) 


But enough with the old, I got the Star Spawn painted! I have to admit I was really lazy when painting these. Though, the pinhole eyes was a detail I didn't understand at first, but when I understood the idea I really liked it.






I figured, this forum might be the most fitting forum for showing off the reason why I was so lazy when painting the Star Spawn, and people here might appreciate it... I already had my own green-stuff sculpted Cthulhu, who is in the right scale and so is used as a stand in should I need one!






I sculpted him from greenstuff way back in 2009, after reading The Call of Cthulhu. I figured, "A home without a grotesque figurine portraying a shape which only a diseased fancy could conceive is no home at all!"

Hope you like it, I hope to start on the Investigators soon enough. :)

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Yay, finally got some paint on the investigators!







Mostly rather happy, but I think I will give the women with glasses one more try. Their spectacles look more like swimming goggles than normal glasses. :/
Still, finally some progress!

Oh, I love the expression on these guys! I imagine this i how they look after entering a room and finding... something disturbing.


More to come later! :)

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The bases are from LITKO games accessories. I'm happy with the products, but I should probably have ordered from a European company. Might need more as expansions are released, but shipping was kinda high.

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Thanks guys!

About the colours... hmmm... I dont exacly remember all sadly, buy I think I remember the ghosts. Rather simple to paint actually!
They were just primed white (GW white spray primer), painted white (Army Painter Matt White), then the one to the right, the greener one, I think I used a mix of like 50/50 Coelia Greenshade and Biel-tan Green, with a bit of Lahmian Medium mixed in. The slightly bluer just used Coelia Greenshade and medium. First one wash of the paint all over the model, let it dry, and I went over them with the same paint mix and added some in the deepest recesses, to get some more depth.

For all the others, its often continuous mixing. I painted all the Investigators at the same time (don't recommend it though, since it's so many models you are bound to get rather sloppy!)
Like I mixed a nice brown shade and I used for a few models shoes, then I see some other model that needs brown but a bit lighter, so I mix in say some beige and paint details with that, then I might want some brown with a bit more red it is so mix in some red and continue like that.

A unifying piece of advice is to start off by painting base colours, but after that learn to use paint medium and a colour palette, it makes a huge difference! I almost always mix a bit of medium into my paints (and some water) and do continuous painting and mixing. For what it's worth, I mainly work with GW, Army Painter and Vallejo (especially for airbrush work!)

After these last monsters and the investigators, my colour palettes look like this! (Really need to clean them!) The exact colours and mix ratios is really only important when painting armies where a unifying colour scheme is important.

In MoM, basically every model is unique, and those that are not will still benefit from not looking exactly like the others, so not using colours directly out of the bottle is probably better in this setting than going for strict colour compositions. 


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Finally done with all models except the ones from Streets of Arkham. :)

First up some freaky Thralls.

Then some Dark Druids and the Wizard. Not super-happy about these, but I sort of gave up on them...

Then we have the ladies! Goat Spawn and Child of the Goat, pretty challenging with all that skin imo, really the only thing you have to work with for details is colour gradients in the skin, so these took a bit of time. I tried to mimic the way the face, feet and hands is often quite a bit redder than the torso, arms and legs. Perhaps I went a bit too far in whiteness, but I don't think i need to be ashamed at least? They turned out rather neat I think. :)

Painting has already commenced on the new figures from Streets, and I aim at having them ready before new year.:)

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Some better images of the ladies from previous, and the new human models from Streets!


And the new Investigators!

Painting teeth on these models was quite the challenge! Her dress sparkles a bit in silver if you rotate her, but it doesn't show in the image sadly. ?


I'll get some better picks of Mr. bootlegger here later.




The rookie cop in his striking blue uniform. :)



Fun with object source light effects. :)


And some baddies of course.


Skelletoids doing the robo-boogie!


A friend pointed out that Gloria wasn't carrying a hand bag, but a portable typewriter! So I repainted her a bit, and she is shown here for scale with the new models.
As you can see, the new models use more of an heroic scale, with larger hands and heads. The details are much sharper too. It's a bit odd to change the scale in the game system, but the new models look so much better, and are a joy to paint, that I am willing to forgive! :)
*edit* Might need to redo the pics later on. I live so far north that it's dark basically all day this time of year, and I can't get enough light in the room to get proper focus close enough... Perhaps it wont be cloudy this weekend during the like 1 hour of daylight we get. 
*second edit* A funny thing about Marie came during a game where a friend asked why I had painted her white, and I said; "Why do you ask?". Turns out I had just assumed both she and Rita were white, dunno why. Might be that both have kinda dark portrait art on their cards and my brain interpreted it as them being in gloomy settings, not that they had a darker complexion. It's a bit like if the dress was black and blue or white or gold. (White and gold obviously!) Anyway, it's wasn't a conscious choice, I just misinterpreted the art. :)

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These minis are fantastic! I wish I was this talented lol. On a lighter note, I just had the Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia song play in my head because the rookie is a dead ringer for Dennis. Now try to unsee that one.

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Haha yeah, especially the upper pic really does look like him! :lol:

But anyway, thanks! A lot of my 'talent' comes from (painting-by-following some and) looking through Sorastros painting tutorials on youtube. They are incredibly useful, and I have gone form a rather mediocre painter to producing stuff I'm feeling kinda proud of (even if the results could of course often be better, but you have to stop somewhere!).

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Almost done!

Took a somewhat better pic of the rookie cop and bootlegger. I'm especially happy with the eyes on the rookie cop, but I'm stilll stuggling with the camera. At least one of his eyes is somewhat visible. :/



Some star vampires!



lloigor is work in progress, now its has got blue scales and green skin, but I really need to rethink the colours... it looks like a toy, not a monster. Perhaps I should redo the green to a more greyish tint?:(


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First let me say, I am digging (and very envious) of your painting. Great job! I also cut my mini painting teeth with Sorastro, but you are definitely a bit further along than I am. Those star vampires look killer! Awesome blending. 

I too am struggling a bit with the Lloigor. I started with a grey underbelly but it just wasn't looking right to me. Now I'm deep into the Khaki and working on shadows and highlights. Here's my WIP link so I won't clutter up your thread with my pictures:


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So I figured I could see the green&blue colour scheme as a sort of challenge. "Could I get it looking good?"




I tried out Armypainters "Anti Shine Matt Varnish", and I'm actually rather unhappy with the results. As you can see, the model turned out rather shiny, almost satin. I almost suspect there has been some sort of mislabeling of the cans or something. :( Good thing this model in particular works ok with a somewhat shiny finish, but I might need to spray it one more time after I get a different can.
I think I will go back to Vallejo Matt varnish, which I used for the previous models.

Anyway, I redid the painting. I figured the model might work better if the blue was more green and the green more blue? I also worked a lot on trying to improve the depth and contrast of the colours, also adding some source light from his eyes (can be seen in the last image). I feel quite a bit happier now. :)

I often try to do a resolution on what I have to get finished before New Years, and this year I 'vowed' to get all my MoM figures painted. However, I just today realized I'm not done with all the models from before Streets! I have not painted the Dunwich Horror! So now I will need to do some panicked painting to get that model done! :o

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With two days to go, I finished my vow go get everything painted before New Years!

The horrible twin brother is done, horray!







It's too bad there are so many mold lines, I missed lots of them! and the top and bottom part of the body are really obvious, I think I should have gone over the entire model with green stuff before painting, tying the beard and the few tentacles that go between the top and bottom together. I might actually fix it up, I think I should be able to fix the paint without it being obvious.
But a pretty fun model nonetheless. :)

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The new investigators are ready to be sprayed, but I got to thinking that my latest project might be kinda fun to show you guys. It's a "Chaos Spawn" for a game called Necromunda, but I got inspired to sculpt it drawing some massive inspiration from Hast... The King in Yellow. No use in MoM, but a kinda fun sculpt anyway. :)






Hope you enjoy it! :)

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