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Print friendly, B&W Mythos Packs Setup Instructions and FAQ

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Long story short: I created black and white, printer and box friendly versions of The Miskatonic Museum and The Essex County Express mythos packs setup instructions and the FAQ. You can get the files from the following link, in simple versions as well as print ready versions with crop marks.


The mythos packs setup instructions are the same size as the regular campaign guides, while the FAQ is the same size as the rulebook (to fit in the box! Yay!)

The elephant in the room: Yes, I am aware that you can get glorious Technicolor versions of these from the FFG website. I am pretty sure they weren't available when I started making these, but I might just missed them. Anyway, while I can't really claim to have saved any money on ink or paper (since I printed enough test copies to pay for multiple colored versions as well), or saved on hassle from having to go downtown to print the colored version (since it did take quite a bit of work to make these), I quite enjoyed making them and I might also have gotten a little stubborn ;) And, now that they are done, I figured maybe someone other than me, with access to only a black-and-white printer, might find useful as well (I have also stripped out the artwork so it doesn't take up as much space). I also imagine that I will finish the Dunwich Legacy, but after that we'll see.

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