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Fixing the T-65 X-wing: Just a title

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I've been playing a lot of X-wing and Armada lately, in many different formats. The one thing I notice is how lackluster the good old X-wing is in many respects in it's title game. And no wonder, it's one of the oldest ships, so many of the new goodies weren't even conceived back then. But compared to Armada X-wing, which really is the work horse of Rebel fleets with great unique pilots, I feel like the X-wing could use a minor adjustment by introducing a title card, much like you did with Defenders, although a bit more down-played. Something like this:

T-65 X-wing, title, 0 pts:
When attacking, if you have a target lock on the enemy,
you may change 1 of your (eye) results to a (hit) result.
When a (torpedo upgrade card) tells you to spend a target lock,
you may spend it after your attack.
If you do this, you cannot spend your target lock to re-roll your attack dice.
This would make the X-wing feel a bit more like a multi-purpose fighter. It would also help keep the poor Red Squadron a bit more viable, since the older rebel non-unique pilots kinda lack all access to Elite pilot skills. The title ability I suggested wouldn't break the game balance, I feel, since it just makes the target lock a bit more viable for the X-wing than for other ships, doesn't actually add any extra damage and it cannot be comboed with any existing EPT or other upgrade card/pilot ability the Rebels have access to, at least not any that the X-wings have access to. At best you could equip Predator and the  title with some torpedoes, so you could attack, maybe change the (eye) to (hit) and then re-roll one or two dice with Predator. The suggested title card doesn't compete with Integrated Astromech, an important modification for the X-wing, since who'd want to take Guidance Chips for a single-use torpedo? Or at least of one does that, then it's a trade-off between damage and survivability, which would still keep things balanced.

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