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The Grand Falloon

Skirmishing in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

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Next session we should be wrapping up the first act of Chronicles of the Gatekeeper.  One of the characters is a former Imperial officer, who has joined up with a group of rebellious Sathari in the forest outside of the town.  I was thinking that this might be an opportunity to introduce larger-scale combat, as the villain either tracks down the dissidents and attacks their hideout, or the refugees gather certain key allies and strike the Reeve's stronghold.  On the upside, it's a pretty simple skirmish.  On the downside, it's a really simple skirmish.  I was considering using the Mass Combat rules from Lead By Example, but I'm having trouble coming up with different phases of the battle, as well as special situations and troops.  So far I've got infantry and Tarvix cavalry on both sides.  Not that interesting.

Anyone familiar with the adventure have some ideas how it could be spiced up?

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