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Best 3rd ship for quad + fenn

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I like a quad plus Fenn. Looking for help with 3rd ship and which quad build to use. I like Unkar, but find the gun runner easier to use. Thoughts?

Protectorate Starfighter: · Fenn Rau (28)
     Push The Limit (3)
     Autothrusters (2)
     Concord Dawn Protector (1)
YV-666: · Bossk (35)
     Veteran Instincts (1)
     "Mangler" Cannon (4)
     · Dengar (3)
     · Zuckuss (1)
     Inspiring Recruit (1)
     Inertial Dampeners (1)
Quadjumper: Jakku Gunrunner (15)
     Spacetug Tractor Array (2)
     · EMP Device (2)
-- TOTAL ------- 99/100p. --

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I tried the shadow caster, but then I had 2 fast ships that left poor quad in the dust.

So the main quad builds I considering are:

Unkar with Boshek

Unkar with cloaking device

Jakku with STA and EMP

Jakku with STA and cloaking device

Unkar takes a bit more precision, but can be extremely disruptive. Jakku gets a 1-2 punch with EMP. Either can sacrifice some utility for the decloak to boost into battle.

Anyone with experience with quads willing to share their views?

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the answer you are looking for is this: put stealth device on the Quad, it will allow you to gain a great deal of maneuverability. and yes, take asajj unkar loves Intel agent so he can Barrel roll to cause bumps, this allows him to potentially double tractor a ship, or tractor 2 targets! Pattern analyzer is a go to, and lightning reflexes make for some fun shenanigans, as your entire dial basically becomes a K-turn, if you decide to upgrade to Sarco that is(drop the IA for it, and concord title for the reflexes! 

100 points



Unkar Plutt (24)
Quadjumper (17), Intelligence Agent (1), Pattern Analyzer (2), Cloaking Device (2), Spacetug Tractor Array (2)

Fenn Rau (34)
Protectorate Starfighter (28), Push the Limit (3), Concord Dawn Protector (1), Autothrusters (2)

Asajj Ventress (42)
Lancer-class Pursuit Craft (37), Push the Limit (3), Latts Razzi (2)

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Which 3rd ship?  1x Quad and 2x Z-95s.  :P

I've been playing Fenn Rau, 2x Jakku Gunrunners and 2x Binayre Pirates. 

Fenn has Autothrusters, Expertise and Concord Dawn Veteran

Jakku Gunrunners have Spacetug Tractor Array and Pattern Analyzer.  One of them has Ketsu Onyo.

Pirates have Black Market Slicer Tools...  mainly because they're cheap and I had a few points left over.

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