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Guide to Overlord Cards

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Sorry for the necro, but I'm going through all the topics I've missed during my inactivity.

Great guide obviously! However, I'm kind of 'confused' with your write up of Unkindness:

Going by your guide I would obviously purchase Ill-Omen, however, since (if I remember correctly) Call of the Ravens does not count towards the two 1xp cards you need for a tier 2 card, I don't see what other card you would recommend getting.

Beneath the shadow: Investment not worth it
Beware: Inferior to other cards in the classAbsolutely non essential purchase
Feast: This card competes with other better ones in the class

What better ones are you referring to then for Feast? (If you keep in mind that buying Call of the Ravens and Ill-Omen aren't enough for tier 2)
Out of those 3, which one would you recommend to acces the next tier?


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I was also wondering about this some time ago but somehow never posted that question.

As all three remaining options are not great. Personally, with Scourge in play,  I would most likely go with Beware and hope to move the Scourge adjacent to even more heroes to better benefit from its aura effect. Still, it's kind of weak compared to other 1 XP choices and I am in doubt if it is worth it to get access to Sudden Flurry and Imitation.

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I can't speak for Indalecio of course, but personally I think if you're going down the servant route, you shouldn't go any farther than Call of the Ravens in the Unkindness deck. The cards are pretty unimpressive, with maybe the exception of Sudden Flurry.

The Soulbinder deck has far, far  better cards. Dark Silhouette, Possessive and Unblinking are excellent, and the deck caps off with the absolutely devastating "Danse Macabre". Plus, all the cards that work on Servants also work on the Ravens, so in a way you are also leveling up them as well.

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