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X-Wing Haiku Thread

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Figure we can make a fun thread using Haiku's only. Write your Xwing related frustrations, battles, etc in haiku form.


Focus, Evade, Lock

My Lovely Lovely Actions

Too Bad I Am Stressed


One Hull Left To Go

I Said Artoo Costs Too Much

I Go Home Early


Hit Hit Crit, Booyah!

Autothrusters, Evade, Palp :(

Why Even Roll Dice?


My list is so strong

I can only lose to bombs

First match is bombers


Four and One Record

One More Win And I Get Dice

Paratannni? F***!

Edited by wurms

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ひかり てらす


hikari wo terasu
bakuhatsu da!



A Y-wing bomber
Radiating with bright light
It's an explosion!

Edited by Budgernaut

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