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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about the Core Rulebook

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Latest round of Q&A from Core Book readthrough:

  1. Lachrymae, Where is it? It had an outbreak of Psychneuein.

  2. Gallowglass, What is it a moon of?

A: Unless it's stated, places like this can be whever works best for your group. We don't like nailing things too much in location as that can limit GM options.

  1. Rogue Trader says sectors are 200 ly acros. Is this true of the Calixis?

A: Sector sizes vary across the Imperium. They are more a collection of nearby stars than a precise demarkation of space.

  1. Vile Deformity, What is the Disturbing Trait? Is it just Fear (1)? -Same idea with Frightening, is it just Fear (2)?

No answer given, but taking it as a yes.

  1. Illumination states that it takes 3 days under warp to get to Iocanthos. Then it states it took weeks in the following text box.

A: Both work; 3 days is fine if the GM doesn't have any plans for the PCs on the ship, and 3 weeks works great if you want to include any shipboard activities like we did in Forgotten GOds.

  1. When you get results on an information table and get more than Standard do you get the results under it? -For example when you get 2 DoS do you get standark, one, and two?

A: Yep!

  1. Is a Clota (from Iocanthos) a form of livestock? If so was it ever discussed what they're like?

A: Yes, but its details are up to the group. I'd imagine a smaller more docile grox.

  1. In Illuminaton (p. 386) what is a "Corrupt Fear Test" in comparison with any other Fear test?

A: It should be a Fear Test that causes Warp Shock (see page 238) as a Daemon is involved.

-Also what is the difficulty on the Willpower Test to start calling out the rite of banishment?

A: It's the Willpower test in the paragraph above, so Challenging (+0)

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