Back pain during/after tournaments - tips?

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Go to sleep early the day before

Wear comfortable shoes

Hydrate - I usually take 2Liter bottle of water for a day-long tournament

Move and stretch your arms - lean to the back, hold your hands behind your back, raise them above your head and lean back etc.

SIT! between games (i can't sit during the game either). This is super important.

And most of all: chill out, play the game, have fun. Lose or win, enjoy the tiny spaceships on the table, do the "pew pew" sound when shooting and "red leader down!" when you loose a ship. HAVE FUN!

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you just can't beat a back massage to relieve back pain, drugs will cover and mask the pain but it's still not going to go away, go see professional help! 

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On 19/03/2017 at 2:53 AM, Velvetelvis said:

There is a very low THC varient of kush. It called "Stephen Hawking" any decent marijuana farm should have it by now. It's low THC but high cannabinoid oil so....Basically it sooths while keeping you from being all messed up.

If it's a particularly long and grueling event you can pair it with either a stronger sativa strain or whichever bourbon you prefer.

A high THC content kush is one of my favourite ways of dealing with this :P It does make me a little dumb at times though. 

Other things I find help me are sitting down at all times I don't need to be standing up. I know it sounds a bit basic but honestly, monitoring your posture is the simplest way to deal with it. The only stretching I find that really helps me (maybe not for everyone) is to get a friend about the same size as me to stand back to back, link arms and bend over. Weird as it sounds; it stretches my spine out and really clicks things back into place.

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On 18/03/2017 at 7:39 PM, IG88E said:

I don't know if someone else also suffer back pain during/after tournaments. Most of the time I am standing and looking down because you are tensed and forgetting to sit or move or whatever. Sometimes it also ends up in some headache.

Does someone have some tips to avoid or at least attenuate that. Maybe some relaxing exercises/stretches during or in between games? Going for walk between games (even when just for 5 minutes)? Drinking more water?


You can disguise this under some cosplay costume... :ph34r:

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