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A couple of ARC's nothing flash.

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I love this kind of subtle mod. Ragtag squadrons should display a variety of markings, sort of like the unit insignia or individual pilot identification on WWII planes. (I saw a TIE Fighter mod that had a forward-pointing chevron painted on the outer wing—same kind of thing.) This is a sweet looking formation.

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How do they fly together? I mean, are they a good group to field? are they fun as a trio?

I just have one ARC currently, so I can't really try it out for myself.

Forgot to add: Very nice job with the paint! It looks correct (if that makes sense); no crazy colors or wild paint jobs. They are perfect.

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Cheers. Pretty much the ships (Norra/Shara) are based off what I could tell from the pilot cards and other minor research.

I have been flying them for the most part with just Norra and Braylan + other ship, and lately using 3 trying out Outmaneuver/Tail Gunner on each and personally it has only really triggered a couple of times out of about 5 games despite trying to keep out of the enemies arc. 

If the dice are good and you fly in formation well, you can hammer the enemy. I like flying them.

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