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Impressions from second Round of CC campaign

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We have done our second round in the CC campain.

While i only wanted to post some impression from the commander and some of the ships and squadrons i was testing, i "have" to share as well the perfect parking against Ackbar ;).

First the nice parking:


Perfect dodge of all 3 side arcs from the Ackbar supported ships. This Light Cruiser even survived the fight. To bad he is still not Veteran. Killing ships (and surviving) with this one is really a hard ;).


And now some impressions of ships and squadron i never used so far (in this way):

The Commander ist Jerjerrod. And even when i didnt have to use him this often in the match, he is really nice. If you have to, you can get the ISD around really fast. Or for the Arquitens, who really has a bad maneuver layout.

I was using an Arquitens with Engine Techs. And i must say: nice turning. With Jerjerod and the ET he can do nearly 180° turns, and is becoming really maneuverable. I still do not like it this much. He is missing somehow the firepower for the price it costs. I am using it with ET, TRC and Needa. And 76 points for these few dice, is really expensive.
Does anyone has any other experience with other fittings? I have really some problems to find any use for it.

Second was the tech Gozanti. With Suporessor, Slicer Tool, Tua and ECM. Against the Ackbar line (with home one titel) it is really hard to fly this ship. You have to watch to only have one ship in range, but still trying to get into distance 3. But if this is working, this ship is insane. It cannot be killed, exhausting defense tokens and modifiying command dials. A bit expensive for the 43 (because the damage output is not so high), but in CC with 500 points it is not this bad.
I would even try to use this one in a normal game. But i will see.

The last ships are all standard (ISD with some techs, Gozanti).

And now to the squadrons. I dont have to say anything about Jendon and Stele. I guess everyone know how insane these two are. These two could take down a CR90 on their own (in 2 rounds). And yes, i was lucky with the accuracy.
But i tested as well Valen, Cienna, Zertik and Saber (I have 6 Uniques in my fleet right now, 5 of them are already Veteran).
Valen: Insane squad for 13 points. Immune to counter (as long as someone else is engaged), 3 black dice, swarm. He is doing some great damage. And with Jendon he is really going crazy. One round to take out Jan Ors without any fear of counter. And he is even greater when you compare him to a X-Wing of the same cost.
Cienna: She is so damm hard to take down. The "always one dice less against her" is really nice. I noticed this already on the first CC round, and she was showing it again on the second. Concentrated fire will take her down really fast. But concentrating the fire on her means a lot of counter and less damage for the rest :).
Zertik: He didnt had much to do. Only a bit escort and one attack. For only 15 points he is really nice. After all it is only 3 points more than a normal Tie Advanced. His red dice are not so good, but his effect with the rerolls is nice (as long as you have targets for the damage).
Saber Squadron: not much to say to it, other than evil. The range and the attack is great. But he is, like the normal Interceptor, really squishy. And without the counter he cannot even deal some damage back. But it is nice to deal some great damage on large range. With Jendon it is after all 8 blue dice on a speed 5 and distance 2. There is no real hidding from this squad. It is really great to take out key squadrons, or to hunt down badly damaged ones.


Does anyone else have other experience with these squads? Or tested any other of the new ones?
I have 21 points free right now. And i am thinking about Dengar or IG88. But i wanted to test out some of the squadrons i never used (and this does not count for Dengar :P).
I thought about Whisper, Boosk (i know, more than 21...) or Decimator (yes, as well more than 21).
For the Decimator i know at least that they are great (a teammate is using these in his fleet).

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Love that pic. Such a nice parking job!

I used a fleet of Arquitens in CC. However, I did not use the Command variant (and thus didn't buy Engine Techs) so the cost-to-power ratio was much better. By the time I was at 460 fleet points I had given 3 of them Intel Offiicer/Enhanced Armament and the other Needa/TRC.  It seemed to put enough red dice in the sky to do good work!

I'm a fan of Valen paired with Cienna. They are frustrating for enemy fighters to eliminate and can tie down a lot of fighters without intel. I use Zertik paired with Bossk - so that Zertik can hand a free damage to Bossk, who can then activate his wonder power.

I'm waiting on the FAQ for Saber Squadron. Recent email responses seem to indicate that Snipe doesn't work if you are engaged. This could reduce his effectiveness.


Great discussion. Good luck out there!

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