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Is there any title that works on more than one type ship? No. They should make that explicit, errata all titles to have the little dial picture of the ship in question on the card. Twice now this stupid rules bs has come up.

EDITL @Azrapse  gets credit for that idea

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9 hours ago, Punning Pundit said:

I can see changing the title from "Aggressor only" to "IG-88 only", as it would keep the title from being used by the TIE Aggressor, allow for an Imperials to "hire" IG-88 (if FFG wants to go that route), and would allow for an IG-88 pilot in other ships. 

I can imagine an IG-88c in a Star Viper being solid- especially if paired with something like IG-88a OR IG-88d.

But I don't want to see any "clarification" about the title that limits it without making an errata. The rule on titles is currently really solid. There isn't a good reason to change that rule when a small change to the Aggressor title itself will suffice.

This would be the best fix.  Allows for the title to be IGGy only, whilst allowing for the possibility of IGGies driving other ships and other pilots driving Aggressors.

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