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Wave 11 article is up!

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Just now, nigeltastic said:

They are just very good since they turn the 'attack[target lock]' into 'attack' or 'attack[focus]' respectively.

You mean Targetting Synchroniser then.  Weapons Guidance is spend focus for blank to hit.

Neither is a huge issue - TS means that you only need a single ship to lock someone for everyone to shoot it.  Deadeye means you can shoot anyone who comes in range, but you can't maintain your shooting every round which seems like a wash.  And costs your ept.

Neither seems like a huge issue.

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1 minute ago, WingedSpider said:

"Bomb Generator"

I think this is more likely.  Two bomb tokens, but that appears to be the only card that is likely to generate and deploy bombs, unless it is a unique pilot ability, Cad Bane or the Droid that is dropping the bombs.

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5 minutes ago, WWHSD said:

I'm guessing that Intensity is going to be something that lets you turn it down to receive a focus or evade token. You refresh it by spending a left over ticket.

This makes sense, and I like it. Having an EPT method for grabbing an Evade could be pretty interesting.

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Holy Sh$%? yesss!! An imperial ship with a turret upgrade!!! Hello Imp TLTs :-)

Sync turrets seem to be a perfect match for a maneuverable ship. I believe the design looks promising...

The ship comes with TLTs, i wont have to buy K wings to get them.

Also cant wait to see the other side of "Intensity".

A decimator + 2 turret ships, looks like it could be possible... :)

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im not a fan of wookie commandos. Its a weaker Wired.

Cost? Identical
Slots? 2crew vs 1 EPT = more expensive
Effect? Reroll all focus when attacking vs reroll all focus if stress = roughly the same, lack of defense for removal of stressed requirement. Also still works while stressed.

2crew slot costs is ridiculously expensive. This ship could HEAVILY benefit from C3P0 and Rey crew. Now thats 5pts vs 1pt but still thats a huge difference in effect.

Reinforce is a mod since it "adds an evade result" so it happens after C3P0 already triggered, guaranteeing you 2 evades against the first guy that hits you unless its OL.
Also i still think it has a 180 firing arc, so wasting those slots for offensive focus rerolls feels really bad.

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