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CC: Bexhill (now with backgound)

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Greetings all

I wasn't quite sure of where to post this as it isn't quite an AAR.  Almost put it in off-topic, but here we are.

What follows is a sort of narrative I've written up following our first round of CC to keep our players in the mood. Our group (4 player) is quite inexperienced (one player is effectively learning as he goes) and this is to help them treat it more with a sense story, as well as to get them champing at the bit for the next round.

As a side note, I'll be mailing these to the players during the week (so long as Lake Bexhill doesn't spontaneously appear.  We've been having rather a lot of rain) as I'm one who is of the opinion that receiving non-bills through the mail out of the blue is a very nice, but increasingly rare, experience (I sent the initial invites out by snail mail).  Emails are faster, just handing it to them works as well, but surprise mail that you actually want to receive? A priceless moment these days.

So....see below.  Also let me know what you think.  Which themes/aspects would you like to have heard more from?  Is there a way you'd prefer it formatted to make it more readable?  What would you have liked to have seen more fleshed out?


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Ok, having read through part 1 again, I can see that it’s lacking a little context.

What follows is roughly what our players were greeted with in the first session of our campaign as a way to set the scene for them.

I realize that this probably doesn’t fit cannon or even legends very well.  Some of the info contained within is researched, some just plain made up. 

I guess the fundamental problem with giving CC a context is the question of when is it set? 

Pre ANH?  According to ANH, Imps would auto win every battle.

In the 4 years(?) between ANH and ESB?  Could do, though the Rebels being largely portrayed as being on the run from Vader is rather at odds with the idea of them mounting an offensive against an entire Imperial held sector.

Between ESB and RotJ? Not entirely implausible.

Post battle of Endor?  This is the most likely time it would occur (and somewhat supported by Legends) but….. it doesn’t really feel like the Galactic Civil War if it’s set in that time period.

And as soon as we start talking about the characters’ present to establish a potential timeline, EVERYTHING falls to pieces. Tarkin vs. Lando anyone?


In the end we established that it doesn’t really have a time period that fits with anything official but we’d set it in the nebulous period somewhere either side of ESB.

Also, house rules:

-          Titles can only be bought when buying a new ship (or you can start with them in your opening list), they can’t be given to an existing ship.  This is thematic.  It’d just seem odd that you’re halfway through a campaign when you ‘discover’ that your MC80 is really the Home One all along.  If you want the Home One, have it come in from ‘out of sector’.

-          A victory from a Special Assault doesn’t allow you to build a base/outpost at that location.

-          During the Management Phase you can change the variant of any of your ships by paying half of the base cost of the new variant.

-          As we were playing 4 player, we have the team who is coming first declare the first assault.  This is because the team who declares second effectively gets to pick both pairings and we wanted the advantage to go to the team who was behind.

-          Spy tokens can be spent by the Imperial team to reveal whether a location contains a Rebel base or an outpost.

-          In Hyperlane Raid, the Rebel player scores victory tokens/resources for each Imperial objective ship (but not squadrons) that are within their deployment zone at the end of the game.

-          Initial fleets are 300 points.  From the 3rd turn onwards, a player retiring their fleet (re)starts at 400 rather than 300 points.


Anyway, context:

Let me bring you up to speed on the situation.

Loosely speaking, the Star Wars galaxy is split into 2 general regions, the core worlds, and the rim territories.

The core contains many of the most prosperous and influential planets in the galaxy. 

It is the core worlds where the Empire holds its seat of power.

It is the core worlds where nearly every Imperial governor wants to be stationed using whatever power and influence they can to be appointed.

As such, it is the core worlds that has the greatest presence of the Imperial navy.

Ever since the founding of the Empire, the core worlds have rightly been seen as unassailable….until now.


In the rim territories, on the other hand, while there are still prosperous and influential systems, they are fewer and further between.  Away from the heart of the Empire, independence and lawlessness find it easier to thrive.  With more systems and far greater distances between them, the Empire finds it much harder to keep an iron grip in the rim.  With so much black emptiness and uncharted rocks on which to hide, on it is no wonder the Rebellion has been able to operate for so long in the rim.  The greatest weapon of the rebellion has always been secrecy.  And secrecy is something the rim provides in abundance.


One of the many tools that Empire has available to it is its well cultivated image that it is invincible, unstoppable and all knowing.  The belief is everywhere that if you oppose the Empire, they will find you and they will kill you.

This image is based largely on fact.  Many individuals, corporations and even worlds have rebelled against the Empire, only to have met a very nasty and well publicised end.  Even the Rebel Alliance was never any match for the full power of the Empire.  It has survived largely due to its operating in secrecy, but also because it only ever fought where it could win, striking at where the Empire was most vulnerable or (occasionally) where it needed to win. (It was also an ‘alliance of rebellions’ whereas other rebellions had stood alone)

However this image has been…..shall we say…..eroded?  First by the destruction of the Death Star, and then by every day that the Rebel Alliance continued to exist.  People could not help but think: If the Empire was really all knowing and all powerful, how could they have failed to have annihilated their greatest opposition?

And so, even though the Alliance continues to suffer set back after set back, every day they exist they also continue to grow in strength.  As more and more of the galaxy comes to see that the Empire can be resisted, maybe even thrown down, so more and more people begin to throw in their lot with the Rebellion and the Alliance continues to swell.

The Empire is far from oblivious to the threat posed them by the mere continued existence of the Alliance, and so they hunt them relentlessly.  But as each month passes and still they continue to elude the Empire, the Imperial navy is forced to strip an ever-increasing number of garrison forces from the core worlds, bringing them to the rim, hoping desperately to track the Alliance down.

Rebel High Command has reached the conclusion that, for the first time in their existence, the Rebel fleet is strong enough and the Imperial core world garrisons are stripped back far enough, that the Rebellion could actually launch a military based campaign against a core sector.  And even win.

Enter the Corellian sector.  The main features are the two hyperlanes and the Corellian solar system, also known as the Corellian sub-sector.  The sub-sector comprises of five planets, chief amongst them is the planet Corellia (the planet after which the whole sector is named and governed from), as well as the ancient space station Centerpoint (a station that dwarfs even the massive Death Stars), all orbiting the systems star named ‘Cor’.

High Command has chosen the first target to be the Corellian sector for two main reasons. 

The first is that the Corellia has a very long and proud history and identity as a planet/system/sector of highly skilled shipwrights and starfarers.  Corellia was one of the first planets to achieve true hyperspace travel (the two hyperlanes passing through the sector are reminders of this fact to this day) and was even one of the original signatories at the founding of the Old Republic.  To this day, Corellian built ships are sought after as some of the finest that the galaxy has to offer (Think the CR90 here.  It still has the best manoeuvre chart in the game).  And Corellian crews and pilots are well known for their ability.

So, the Empire uses the Corellian sector to repair and refit their older/damaged ships, as well as to produce a steady stream of new ones.  Now it must be said here that Corellia is not the primary shipyards of the Empire.  That honour goes to Kuat.  Any campaign against Kuat would be doomed to failure as the Empire would defend that shipyard like a rabid dog.  But, if the Rebellion managed to take the Corellian sector, it would still be a double blow, maybe even a triple blow, for the Empire. 

For one, they would be deprived of the shipyards/repair yards of the sector, right when they needed them the most.

For two, Corellia would likely side with the Rebellion and the Alliance would then gain the resources that would usually be going to the Empire.

And for three…..well……the Rebellion isn’t planning a ‘take and hold’ of the sector.  They can’t.  Such a move would merely trap them in one spot, something the Empire really wants them to do.  And they know that they’d have no chance of holding Corellia against the might of the Imperial Navy.  They’d be crushed if they tried.  Instead Corellia is merely the first target in a series of running campaigns.  High command has already decided on the next two targets.  But with Corellia in Rebel hands the Imperials would be in somewhat of a dilemma. Would they send significant enough forces to retake the Corellian sector, and in so doing divert those forces away from opposing the main Rebel offensive?  Or would they choose to let Corellia continue to supply the Rebel war effort for months maybe even years to come? 

Wars are won on forcing your adversaries to make difficult decisions.


The second reason that High Command has chosen the Corellian sector is because Corellia has a very long and proud history and identity.  The Corellians don’t see themselves as being Imperial.  They see themselves as being Corellian and the Empire just so happens to be in charge at the moment.  And while they tolerate the current state of affairs, many Corellians aren’t too thrilled with the fact.

The Empire is aware of this and in order to stave of dissension, they had adopted the almost unique Loose Reign policy in this sector.  It shows both how much the Empire wants the services of Corellia and also something of the finesse and understanding of previous Corellian sector governors that they have adopted this rather than the usual Imperial Crush Them Till They Have No Fight Left In Them policy.

And while it has worked, keeping Corellia largely on side, it doesn’t change facts.  Corellians resent being ruled by someone else*.  They resent that the Empire always has first dibs on their repair and construction yards.  Oh sure, the Empire pays standard price for all the work done. It’s just that, with the Civil war going on and demand so high, other work is paying a much higher price than ‘standard’.  And as of late the Empire’s work has been crowding out pretty much all of the ‘other work’.

Plus, the Rebellion has always had a presence in Corellia.  Recruiters scuttle the streets by night.  And several (very well respected) corporations in Corellia are secret backers of the Rebellion, funnelling them funds, ships, munitions, personnel and whatever else they think the ISB won’t notice. 

All in all, it’s no wonder that so many of the Rebellion’s heroes hail from Corellia (think Wedge, Hahn, Bel Iblis etc).

Recently, however, Rebel sympathisers within the sector have stepped up their operations to an entirely new level; sector wide revolt.

The Rebellion knows that even with their fleet at unprecedented strength, and the Imperial navy striped back so far from its garrison position, it would be a blunder to get into a war of attrition in the Corellian sector.  The Empire can afford the losses to their fleet such a campaign would cause.  The Rebellion cannot.

But that’s ok.  Because their plan isn’t to drive every last vestige of the Empire out of the system using the fleet.  Their plan is to send Corellia into system wide revolt. 

And it’s a multipronged plan.  Recruiters, agitators and commandoes on the ground do their part to stir the populous into unrest.  But they will not revolt while there are still Imperial warships reigning supreme in orbit.  That would be suicidal.  So, it is up to the Rebel fleet.  Push back the Imperial ships.  Clear the way for the revolution.  And the entire sector will fold.

From the local Imperial perspective, things are looking NOT good. 


The Imperial navy could easily send in overwhelming forces.  The problem is, they won’t. 

For one, they’re still chasing the Alliance in the rim territories and have no reason to believe the bulk of the Rebellion isn’t still out there. 

What’s worse, with the Rebels having operated in such secrecy for so long, Imperial intelligence isn’t really sure how large the Rebel fleet actually is.  What’s facing Corellia may be everything.  But it may not be as well.  It may only be two thirds.  Or one third.  Or even only a tenth.

If they strip the defences from other nearby Cores worlds to crush the Rebellion in Corellia, what might the Rebels do to the now exposed systems?  It could be disastrous for the Empire.

Besides, from an Imperial High Command perspective, Corellia is a system that produces military hardware.  Surely, even with an undermanned garrison, it should be able to hold on long enough to produce enough to see off any attack.

In charge of a skeletal garrison unit, up against the strongest Rebel fleets encountered to date, with massive dissent running through the system and Rebel agents working overtime to push the sector over the edge into revolt, the local Imperial commanders are between a rock and a hard place.  Failure is viewed very dimly in the Empire, especially failure to hold onto a precious core sector.  And things aren’t looking good for success. 

The Imperial commanders still have one last hope however.

The situation on the ground is more like stage two, rather than stage one, explosives**. It’d take more than a spark to set everything off.  The mere presence of the Rebel fleet and work of their agents would not be enough to send the sector into revolt.

If the Imperial commanders can meet the Rebel fleet in battle and triumph, then it would demonstrate to the civilian populations that, even when the Empire’s at its weakest and their enemies at their strongest, the Imperial Navy is still able to protect its worlds and maintain law and order.  Then that would shut the ears of the people to the words of traitors and terrorists.  And the Corellian sector may still be held***.





*This was the sector that had a clause written into the Old Republic’s Constitution where the Corellian Sector was allowed to leave the Republic for as long as it felt like, without actually seceding, so it could then come back whenever it felt like.  See  Contemplanys Hermi in wookiepedia for further info.

** Quarry explosives use three different stages (or explosive substances) all in the one package.  The third stage lets off an almighty explosion.  It’s what does the real work. But it’s quite hard to get it to go off.  What ignites the third stage is actually the second stage explosive.  It’s easier to set off but doesn’t yield nearly as much punch.  But even second stage cannot reliably be set off by a spark.  That’s what first stage is for.  It gets set off by the spark from the igniter. It’s quite low yield, but enough to set off the second stage, which in turn sets off the third stage, which goes BOOM!

*** Interestingly, this works well with the rule that Imperials win in the case of a draw.  The Imperials have maintained the barest necessary foothold required to prevent the populations from revolting en-masse.  But only by the skin of their teeth.  Whereas the Rebels haven’t quite convinced people that there will be no immediate, unstoppable orbital barrages.

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Corellian Conflict incident report: Part 1

Location: Corellian sector

Time stamp: (incident begins) 378366.201


[Sector wide] 378366.141

The Rebel Alliance steps up covert and political espionage operations within the Corellian sector.  Over the next several months many individuals and corporations within the sector defect to the Rebel Alliance. They establish bases and outposts at 4 major strategic locations (Vagran, Selonia, Xyquine II and the Saberhing Asteroid Belt) in preparation for the coming Rebel assault.  Many of the repair yards within the sector are now loyal to the Rebellion.


[CORELLIA] 378366.200

The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) becomes partially aware of the scale of the Rebel activity.  While Rebel recruiters and agents have always operated within the sector, the ISB has thus far kept them in check.  Realising that this is beyond their ability to contain, the ISB notifies the Imperial Navy to begin immediate military operations.



The Rebel fleet, under the command of General Crix Madine and Mon Mothma, arrives in the Corellian sector.  While their assessment of the anti-imperial sentiment in the sector is fair, the Rebels made three key mistakes as to the strength of the Imperial garrison.

-          First, the Rebels were expecting to be facing a standard Imperial garrison contingent, headed by a governor inexperienced in naval combat.   Instead, the garrison is headed by Admiral Terrinald Screed, a veteran of the Clone Wars known for his considerable ability and grit.

-          Second, while the Rebels were expecting the presence of Imperial-class Star Destroyers (ISDs), the garrison flagship is no less than the Relentless, an ISD renowned for the efficiency of its officers and crew.  The Gozanti-class Cruisers flotilla Suppressor, known for their advanced hacking and disruption specialists, are also present.

-          Third, the elite TIE interceptor (TIE/IN) squadron Sabre Squadron is present, receiving refitting and undergoing recruitment integration programs. 

Upon learning of the Rebel threat, Admiral Screed immediately forms the garrison into the ‘14th Corellian Garrison fleet’ (hereafter known as the 14th. See appendix a).  He requisitions Sabre Squadron and moves them to full combat ready status.  At the same time, he has his contacts hire the mercenary Dengar, and brings him into the fleet in a specialist role.

At this point in time Admiral Screed is still unaware of both the presence of the Rebel fleet and the true extent of Rebel control of the sector’s repair yards.

Under the Imperial’s Loose Reign policy employed in the Corellian sector, the Navy had only established three major military bases (Corellia, Centerpoint and Nubia).  Knowing that he needed to shore up the Imperial military position within the sector as well as suppress insurgency, Admiral Screed ordered the 14th fleet to Corfai, a planet both populous and prosperous.  A base on Corfai would be able to impose planet wide martial control, preventing any uprising at the same time as providing the 14th with much needed emergency military supplies taxed from the populous.



Arriving in the Corellian sector, General Madine and Mon Mothma meet with Harris Stanish and Tark Nimlos, the heads of the underground spy networks and Rebel recruitment in the sector, to decide upon their first targets.  With the element of surprise still with them, it’s agreed that Madine will take Crucible fleet (see appendix a) and capture an impending Imperial convoy on the Corellian Trade Spine hyperlane that was due to make a stopover not far from Plympto.  Mothma would take Strike fleet (see appendix a) to establish a proper Rebel presence on Corfai.  Harris has good reason to believe that there are many elements on the planet ready to support the Rebel cause and a prosperous planet like Corfai would be a boon to the Rebel fleet in the sector.  Strike fleet would carry in supplies and commandoes to equip the elements of the local populace that were ready to defect.



The 14th emerges from hyperspace above Corfai, takes up position in orbit and sends down landing craft to begin construction and fortification operations. 

Less than 10 standard hours later Strike fleet emerges from hyperspace not far from the 14th.  While unwilling, at this stage, to engage the 14th in pitched battle, Mon Mothma orders Strike fleet to make planetfall, knowing that the supplies on board could equip a militia strong enough to overrun the Imperial construction work.

With a rebel fleet before him, vulnerable construction work taking place on the ground and correctly guessing at Mothma’s plan, Admiral Screed orders the 14th to take up blockade positions over Corfai.



Crucible fleet arrives at the hyperlane nav point two standard hours ahead of the convoy and takes up positions.  What Madine hadn’t anticipated was the heavy Imperial escort accompanying the convoy.  Three Victory I-class Star Destroyers (VSDs) Brick, Icon and 19ag46syc-vsd-12, all under the command of Admiral Conan Antonio Motti, broke hyperspace at the same time as the anticipated 8 freighters. The three VSDs were on their way to the Corellian shipyards to be retrofitted before being redeployed to the rim territories and were given escort duty on the way to Corellia.  Madine pressed the attack anyway, figuring they could out-manoeuvre the VSDs and still potentially take a quarter of the convoy before it jumped to hyperspace.  The fight was short and fierce, leaving the Brick dead in the water, it’s freighters disabled.  The rest of the convoy made the jump, but not before a few parting shots from the Icon and 19ag46syc-vsd-12 took out all power and leaked over half the atmosphere from the Stantipole.

Surrounded by leaking radiation, smoke and ejected lifeboats, the Brick activated all its emergency beacons.



Above Corfai, the battle had not gone well for the 14th.  The Cat’s Paw had managed to land crippling shots on a flotilla and the remnants of Sabre Squadron had barely made it back to the safety of the Relentless’ hanger bay before Rebel fighters could chase them down.

The Cantrip had managed to run the blockade. The Dagger, barely escaping destruction itself, had also slipped through and both were making planetfall, the Cycle and Cat’s Paw not far behind them. 

The 14th was preparing to come about when they picked up the Brick’s distress call.

Knowing they couldn’t save the base, Screed sent orders to the surface for all imperial forces to abandon construction, scatter and go to ground.  Leaving Captain Nardak of the Viscosity in charge of the Salvage and Rescue operations (S&R) of the Gozantis and Sabre Squadron pilots, the Relentless made the jump to the Plympto system.

Within two hours, newly formed Rebel militia move in on the construction site.  Imperial casualties are light (98% successful escape and evade rate), but much Imperial heavy equipment and prefab had to be abandoned and is captured by the Rebels.  With the militia numbers continuing to swell, the Rebel ground forces take up the hunt for the elusive Imperial construction teams.



Rebel transports, bearing commandoes, storm the disabled freighters.  Rebel technicians use black market PLuGs (quick installing, single use, piracy hyperdrives) to jump the freighters out.  At the same time, S&R teams get the Stantipole moving again.  Knowing that Imperial reinforcements are not far away, the remains of Crucible fleet jump to safety.  When the Relentless arrives a few minutes later, the only trace of the battle is the hulk of the Brick.  Seeing that hundreds of crew are still trapped on board with no life support, Screed launches immediate S&R action.

(see appendix b for a more detailed description of each battle)



Screed arrives in system via personal shuttle.  His first action is to dock on the Icon and debrief Admiral Motti.  Knowing that the situation is moving beyond the ability of the 14th to contain, they decide to form a partnership.  Motti would requisition the three VSD’s under him and form the ‘3rd Corellian Counter-Insurgency fleet’ (hereafter referred to as the 3rd).  The 3rd, like the 14th, would draw its maintenance and recruitment directly from the Corellian Sector, along with whatever the Imperial Navy sent them from ‘out of system’.

The Admirals also decided on the following:

-          After the Brick had been brought up to fully operational status, the 3rd would be stationed at Nubia.  The 14th would take station over Centre Point.  Screed had contacts there he wanted to keep close.

-          They would immediately contact High Command and request overwhelming reinforcements.

-          They would enact clause 153(c) of the Corellian Govenance Treaty, meaning that Imperial forces would have first and ultimate priority in every repair yard within the sector.

-          They would use all means available to determine the extent of the Rebel fleet facing them as well as the extent of other Rebel activity in the area.  Until this was determined they would tread carefully, not knowing where the primary threat lay or even the Rebel stratagem in the sector.



General Madine and Mon Mothma meet with Harris and Tark to determine their next steps.

Things have gone worse than expected thus far.  Both fleets having been spotted by surviving eye witnesses. As such, the Rebel surprise advantage is largely gone. They determine, however, that the Imperials do not know that Strike and Crucible fleets are the extent of the Rebel military forces in the sector, and that while this is still the case, the Imperials will be cautious.

With the surprise element lost, they switch strategies, organising for sector wide transmissions over all available media channels, proclaiming the two Rebel victories.

Repairs and upgrades are begun on both fleets.


[Sector wide] 378366.202

The Brick limps into the Corellian repair yards and begins major repair work.

The ISB learns of the impending Rebel broadcasts and manages to shut them down on all worlds except Vagran, Selonia and Xyquine II before they go to air.  Word of mouth about the Rebel fleets still begins to spread like wildfire.

Screed receives a message through his contacts on Centrepoint.  One of the abandoned construction team on Corfai, codenamed Foreman 7, has set up a remote base within the mountain-jungles and is slowly gathering the other escaped loyalists.


[Sector wide] 378366.206

The raid at Plympto had been lucrative for the Rebels. Amongst the cache were included over 200 Assault Proton Torpedoes and cutting edge communications arrays.  These are promply installed into Rebel warships.

Lorsen engineering, a Selonian based, mid-sized, ship construction and shipping firm unanimously decides to throw their support behind the Alliance.  Several teams of prominent engineering technicians and specialists from the company along with Captain Nicholas la Guera, a veteran of the clone wars, join the Rebel fleets with the blessing of Jonus Chun, the founder and head of the company.  The company also begins supplying the Rebels with advanced turbolaser technology.

‘Drak’s gang’, a handful of down on their luck smugglers, decides to outright join the Rebellion.  Hard times means they don’t bring much, a small base on one of Aurea’s moon and their last ship, Drak’s Run, a YT-2400.

Imperial High command reaches a decision and informs Admiral Screed that they won’t be sending overwhelming reinforcements.  High command is concerned that this is but a fragment of the true Rebel fleet and stripping nearby systems would leave them vulnerable to attack.  They cite the lack of renowned rebel heroes present (Wedge, Luke, Hahn, Syndulla, etc.) as proof that the true threat lies elsewhere.  They also believe that a production sector should be able to ‘produce’ its own sufficient defences to see off the Rebel threat.

On Corfai, Imperial forces, operating out of the ragtag ‘Guerrilla base’, play a deadly game of cat and mouse with the Rebel hunter teams, tracking down and bringing to safety the lone members of the scattered Imperial ground team before the Rebels can locate them.


[Corfai] 378366.207

Foreman 7 sends word that he believes he has located as many of the surviving ground team as will be found.  Guerrilla base is operating at 86% of original numbers.

Commander Staren takes over the Rebel search efforts.  He organises the militia into more efficient teams and implements an air/ground search strategy.  Despite close flyovers, however, guerrilla base avoids detection.


[Sector wide] 378366.212

Works finishes on the 3rd.  Not only is the Brick restored to active service, but each VSD is retrofitted with powerful Phylon Q7 tractor beam arrays.

Foreman 7 sends word that scouts from Guerrilla base[84%] have visual confirmation of a planet side Rebel military installation on Corfai.

The infamous Rogue Squadron, heroes of the Rebellion, arrive in the Corellian Sector.




Appendix a

The following is each fleet as it stands as of 378366.202, one day after the initial confrontations.


14th Corellian Garrison fleet


Imperial II-class Star Destroyer- Relentless (flagship)

-          Admiral Screed, •Relentless


Gozanti-class Cruisers- Suppressor

-          •Suppressor


Gozanti-class Cruisers- Tak Group 1 (scarred) 


Raider I-class Corvette- Viscosity

-          Assault Concussion Missiles


Fighter Wing


2x TIE Fighter Squadron

•Saber Squadron (scarred) 


3rd Corellian Counter-Insurgency fleet


Victory I-class Star Destroyer- Icon (flagship)

-          Admiral Motti


Victory I-class Star Destroyer- Brick (scarred)


Victory I-class Star Destroyer- 19ag46syc-vsd-12 (veteran)


Fighter wing:

1x TIE Fighter Squadron

6 x TIE Fighter Squadron (scarred)



Strike fleet


CR90 Corvette A- Cantrip (flagship)

-          Mon Mothma


CR90 Corvette A- Cat’s Paw (veteran)


Nebulon-B Escort Frigate- Cycle


MC30c Torpedo Frigate- Dagger

-          Ordinance Experts


Fighter wing:

2x X-Wing Squadron

1x Y-Wing Squadron

2x Y-Wing Squadron (scarred)


Crucible Fleet


Modified Pelta-class Command Ship- Twilight Drover (flagship)

-          General Madine, •Shields to Maximum!


Nebulon-B Escort Frigate- Stantipole (scarred)

-          Turbolaser Reroute Circuits


Nebulon-B Support Refit- Mule 3

-          Turbolaser Reroute Circuits



Fighter wing:

2x X-Wing Squadron

2x Y-Wing Squadron

1x B-Wing Squadron

1x A-Wing Squadron

1x A-Wing Squadron (scarred)



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I dig all the ship names!

I've tried to get my players to name their non-title ships as well.  I feel it helps bring out the narrative elements of a campaign, and give each fleet a better sense of character.  There's a lot you can do to emphasize the roleplay-like nature of the Corellian Conflict.  It's definitely extra work (usually for that one person who is organizing the whole thing), but it can take some of the sting out of being on the losing team.

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On ‎3‎/‎04‎/‎2017 at 8:14 AM, Yipe said:

I dig all the ship names!

I've tried to get my players to name their non-title ships as well.  I feel it helps bring out the narrative elements of a campaign, and give each fleet a better sense of character.  There's a lot you can do to emphasize the roleplay-like nature of the Corellian Conflict.  It's definitely extra work (usually for that one person who is organizing the whole thing), but it can take some of the sting out of being on the losing team.

Agree 100% with this.  I've made up and run a few Warhammer Fantasy campaigns back in the day.  Most of them didn't work.  The final one did and it was very heavily roleplay based.  Everything down to the unit champions had a name, a personality and a place in the unfolding stories (each army had their own story and objectives).  The players grew very attached to their armies, and even to the characters they didn't like. 

And yes, because the story was more prominent than the game per se, even when losing the 'game', each player still wanted to press on, just to see if they could survive and how much they could get out with.

Fun times.  But, back then I was playing with a seasoned roleplay group who also knew how to play Warhammer.  This time I've got a group with next to no roleplaying experience and are novices at Armada :P 

Still, I'm hoping that these sort of touches will bring out a similar effect and we can kindle some sense of narrative and attachment to their fleets.

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Loving this, Flengin, fantastic job.  Some buddies & I are starting up the campaign in the next month and want to build it out with AARs, Sector updates and some story.  You've got lots of great ideas here -- thanks for the inspiration!

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13 hours ago, jme said:

Loving this, Flengin, fantastic job.  Some buddies & I are starting up the campaign in the next month and want to build it out with AARs, Sector updates and some story.  You've got lots of great ideas here -- thanks for the inspiration!

No problem!  Looking forward to your AARs!

I'm hoping round 2 for us will be this coming Saturday, so looking forward to doing another section of narrative in the next fortnight. 

Also, noticing your avatar, my style here largely draws inspiration from some of the Warhammer timeline narratives.  They tend to be more overview, with juicy bits and pieces thrown in that fire the imagination.

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huh, of course they'd censor that

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