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Wave 11 announced at GAMA!

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3 minutes ago, VanderLegion said:

Agreed.  I was totally expecting the scurrg to be a large-base ship (and was designing it as such for the CCL)

You can see that it really wanted to be. That thing might beat the ARC in size.

Also, can we crowdfund a higher resolution projector for them? Did they only scan those in 640x480?

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A few more pictures, a bit higher-res: 

We can almost read some cards from the pictures.

Auzituck Gunship
3 attack, 1 agility, 6 hull, 3 shields
Actions: focus, reinforce
Upgrade slots: 2 crew
Auxiliary arc (front 180°)
PS1 generic (24 points): Kashyyk Defender - no EPT
PS3 generic: Wookiee ??
PS5 unique: Lowhhrick
PS7 unique: Wullffwarro
Upgrade cards in the pack:
- Wookiee Commandos (2 crew, 1 point, rebel only) - When attacking, you may reroll focus results.
- Selflessness (unique EPT, small ship only)
- Br-? Specialist (crew) - something about reinforce and facedown damage cards
- Tactician, Intimidation, Hull Upgrade

TIE Aggressor
2 attack, 2 agility, 4 hull, 1 shield
Actions: focus, target lock, barrel roll
Upgrade slots: turret, 2 missiles
PS2 generic (17 points): Sienar Specialist - no EPT
PS5 generic: Onyx Squadron Pilot - no EPT
PS4 unique: "Double Edge" - EPT
PS7 unique: Lieutenant Kestal (?) - EPT
Upgrade cards in the pack:
- Intensity (EPT, small ship only, dual card, 2 points) - Exhausted side says: At the end of the combat phase, you may spend 1 focus or evade token to flip this card.
- Synced Turret (turret, 4 points, 3 attack, range 1-2) - Attack (target lock). If target is in your arc, you may reroll a number of attack dice up to your primary weapon value.
- Unguided Rockets (2 missile, 2 points, 3 attack, range 1-3) - Attack (focus). Can only modify with focus token.
- Twin Laser Turret, Lightweight Frame

Scurrg H-6 Bomber
3 attack, 1 agility, 5 hull, 5 shields
Actions: focus, target lock, barrel roll
Upgrade slots: turret, torpedo, missile, crew, 2 bombs
PS1 generic (24 points): Karthakk Pirate - no EPT
PS3 generic: Lok R-? (probably Lok Revenant) - EPT
PS6 unique: So-? (probably Sol Sixxa) - EPT
PS8 unique: Captain Nym, scum version - EPT
PS8 unique: Captain Nym, rebel version - EPT
Upgrade cards in the pack:
- Havoc (Scurrg-only title, 0 points) - Gain system and salvaged astromech slots, and lose crew slot. Can only equip unique salvaged astromechs.
- 2x Cruise Missiles (missile) - Attack (target lock) - discard to attack, roll (or maybe re-roll) extra attack dice based on speed of maneuver you executed (maximum = ?).
- Min-? Ma-? (maybe Minefield Mapping, system) - something about the place forces step and bomb tokens
- Cad Bane (crew)
- Bomb-? Gener-? (probably Bomblet Generator)
- R4-? (maybe R4-E1, salvaged astromech)
- Synced Turret, Lightning Reflexes

Edited by Tibbel
Added list of cards (that I could decipher) and new info from article

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6 minutes ago, xanderf said:

Really wondering about the set of cards on the H-6, actually.

Only 5 cards, yet a Rebel and Scum dial.  So...2 pilots for each, and one dual-faction generic?  Or....what?  3 pilots and a generic for one faction, and only a single pilot for the other?  Not sure what to make of that ship...

Maybe double sided pilot cards

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Just now, Sithborg said:

Also looks to be a double crew upgrade with the Wookiees. 

sounds like it'll be a support focused ship then.


2 minutes ago, Sithborg said:

Wow, there is a double Missile upgrade with the TIE. That should be fun. 

looking at the higher resolution image posted.. your right. fits the SWG origins, where it was a fighter-bomber. hmm.. Extra munitions is a torpedo upgrade, so too double up on something you'll have to pay full price.

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Knee jerk assessment:

Eh, another TIE fighter variant.  It gets TLT so that everyone has nucular capability so now we can negotiate for disarmament.

A bomber for the Scums that is hopefully more like a K-wing than a Punisher.

Another ship that steals an Epic action, making it feel like something new when it isn't.

Oh sure, I'll buy them.  It's X-Wing!!

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