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Wave 11 announced at GAMA!

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1 minute ago, markcsoul said:

So now we're back to legends again? Weird.

Definitely a very meh wave for me.

Well, the Wookie gunship is canon - appeared in the pilot episode of 'Rebels'.

The H-6...might be.  I seem to recall some discussion at some point that it was being kicked around for Rebels, so it may still show up.

TIE Aggressor?  LOL, yeah, no.  I'd be shocked speechless if that ever appears in canon.

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Really wondering about the set of cards on the H-6, actually.

Only 5 cards, yet a Rebel and Scum dial.  So...2 pilots for each, and one dual-faction generic?  Or....what?  3 pilots and a generic for one faction, and only a single pilot for the other?  Not sure what to make of that ship...

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