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CC VASSAL Coordination

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If a civilian may butt in, how has this worked out for you guys as a medium to coordinate this sort of thing? I'd love to do a campaign, but my schedule is a bit inconsistent for my FLGS, and there's only one other player I know down where I am normally, which just won't cut it.

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As a medium I think Vassal is an AWESOME way to handle a campaign. The forums provide a good way to create group chats, and a common chat area thread, as well as schedule games. This one has been rocky as we had some participant switch ups and then lots of travel interupting it. That said when it ran smoothly it worked great.

The other Vassal CC currently running is on round 5 and nearly concluded and only started July 31st, so in a little over 1 month we have been able to nearly complete a 6 player campaign successfully and I know I personally have had a lot of fun.

The one caveat is that I have not been in a Vassal all out assault yet. That game goes very long and if it gets declared getting 6 players together for a full day game is going to be hard either in person or online as schedules are hectic.

I guess the perk of vassal is that it is easy to get a save and resume at a later time, letting us break the game up into more manageagable sections.

Maybe even it could be played in a post fashion, though I am not sure how exactly that would work yet.

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