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Oooh, what a lovely deal!

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If it was Bespin I'd have caved and bought the $25 mat.

Been looking at a second mat for epic play/missions, but I play enough scum I feel Death Star or Starkiller is anti-thematic. I can see why the rebels and empire are there, but I think the scum wouldn't be caught anywhere near those superweapons. On the other hand, I can easily see all parties taking an interest in Bespin.

The scale of Bespin bothers me, but I insist it's because it's not space just upper atmosphere. I find the Hoth map hideous no matter which argument, space or high atmo, you use.

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2 hours ago, Bojanglez said:

on CSI today -

TIE Interceptor $9.99

TIE/fo $9.99

Thanks @Bojanglez, Though I have been reluctantly scumming it recently due to the illness of the Emperor, I cannot resist getting a pair of each for my hangar bay to be potential gifts to those who I have given the addiction to.....

TIE/FOs are solid, and Interceptors --though not competitive ATM-- are the best looking ship in Star Wars.

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