Nomad of Endings

Fan Sites for Items/Powers/Rules?

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I want to say hands down, this is one of my favorite systems to use for ANY Genre of RPG (FATE and Dread held that spot for Narrative Story Telling until I found The End of the World) Anyways, I'm finding I gotta take a lot of downtime to come up with Powers, Magic Items, House Rules, etc. for my game I run (It's a weird mix between Zombie Apocalypse and Wrath of the Gods.... Think Modern Day Ravenloft if your familiar with old school D&D)

Have any fan sites been made or any resources for the game that would give inspiration or new ideas for adding onto the game?

I wish they'd release more content for the game but it looks like they've stopped after the 4 books :(

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated :)

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have you listened to the"Fandible Actuale Play Podcast"? They have done quite a few live plays of this game. quite good to listen to.

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