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Could they save X-Wing by releasing Errata on ship stats?

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How much would it cost for a title to increase the TIE Fighter's primary weapon?  Call it Boosted TIE cannon.  Or make it a mod, either way.  4 pts?  6?


title for Xwing to gain the Evade action (or get an evade token) could be the fabled Rogue Squadron title.   


And  yeah it all sounds like a bad joke.

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1 hour ago, YwingAce said:

Please tell me this is a joke.


12 minutes ago, NakedDex said:

No, really. This is a joke... right?

Yes, it is.  Shadow345 routinely drops a steaming pile and then never responds in the next 10 pages of thread it generates.  It lame, tiresome, and the singular to dice is DIE.  Which this thread should.

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