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Scyks OP? We need to talk about this squad.

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I've been playing around with some lists lately with these new Scyks. Mainly looking at a 4 ship list of either 3 Scyks + 1 (Palob mainly, but looking at more) or all 4 Scyks. I've tossed around the idea that I could still Mindlink 3 of the Scyks (Inaldra, Tan Vet(s), and/or Quinn Jast) and have Genesis Red take VI to take more advantage of his ability. Ideally with his ability, you "shouldn't" need mindlink for tokens. 

Example: 4 Scyks

At 96 pts, this leaves space to add the Pulse Shield for Inaldra and a 2 pt bid for help Genesis Red go last against other PS9s. 

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