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Movement talk - The flying of the Batwing

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Flew this today with new Palp rules:

Starkiller Base Pilot/Palp/Electronic Baffle/HyperWave Comm (40)

Omega Leader/Juke/Comm Relay (26)

Carnor Jax/PTL/Autothrusters/Targeting Computer (33)

I felt that in this list, at 99 points, you might have some sort of initiative bid for other PS8's.  I got the bid and am not disappointed I changed out stealth device for Targeting Computer to save the point.  Jax was hitting like a truck all day.  I think you need something in the new shuttle list that can really hit hard and cause havoc.  My games:

Game 1:  New gal flying Rey and Old Han, both with trick shot.  Rey had Finn and Engine Upgrade at 99 points.  I basically taught her the strengths of her list.  Han was flanking, Rey tried to get in with everyone in arc.  I started SBP shuttle in lower left, 3 banked along the back edge, then turned in on my side of the asteroid field.  Han was coming in on my right, Rey on my left.  Both aces went after Rey.  She ended up bumping SBP (who baffled 3 times to stay put and focus) while the aces bumped into her.  Had she 4k'd behind the shuttle it might have been different.  She did end up taking the shuttle off the board and a turn later the aces finished her off.  She had initiative (lucky roll), but I would have had the choice had she been running either title on either Falcon.

Of the rolls in Game 1 that palp "wiffed":  1.  I think I called a defensive evade and then rolled 3 with Jax.  And it didn't matter.  Palp was used 6 or 7 other times to great effect.  Maybe did it defensively twice.

Game 2:  Played a girl that has played for a few months, she was running Ryad/PTL/TIE MK2/X7, Vader/Expertise/EU/ATC, Duchess/LWF/VI/AA.  She normally does pretty good with imperials.  I setup SBP on my lower left after all the rocks were tight on her side.  From left to right on her side was Duchess, Vader, Ryad.  Ryad did an aggressive 5 into the rock field, I screamed Carnor and OL forward at 4 straights.  Vader went aggressive and so did Duchess.  SBP did a 2 bank to his left going up the left side of the board.  Next turn I parked SBP, baffled, focused, and her duchess adapted and did a 3 bank, putting her range 1 of SBP.  Vader was blocked by Jax who screamed forward.  OL banked and TL'd Ryad who was at range 1 in the middle of the board.  Vader doesn't do good when blocked and between Jax, OL next turn, SBP the turn after when Vader landed on the rock, he died fairly quickly to OL and Jax.  Duchess vaporized to a lucky roll (palp helped) of BHHCC which went to HHCCC on turn 2.  She evaded 2 but there was a direct hit in one of the 3 crits that landed.  Vader died next.  And Ryad was chased down by the aces.  She was after points and got SBP to half (he eventually ran to the other side of the board with the aces tailing Ryad).

Palp wiffs:  1.  And it didn't matter again (offense this time).  Otherwise Palp was more useful on Defense.  She had to take targets of opportunity when shooting with Ryad because Jax would arcdodge and OL had a TL.  Palp was used defensively a few times.

Game 3:  Played a guy with 3 scum:  Kath with Gonk and VI, Kavil with VI, TLT, EU, Genius, Proton Bombs, Extra Munitions (it was seriously one scary Kavil), and Jakku Gunrunner with SpaceTug Tractor Array.  I misread that thinking it was range 1-3, not range 1.  I gave him initiative and setup a fairly tight asteroid field on his half of the board.  I sent the shuttle up the left side, Jax up the far right (very hesitantly because Kavil was there) and OL up the middle.  OL eventually converged on the space tug with the shuttle, which got it turn one with lucky crits before it fired (Palp helped here greatly).  He started with Kath and Kavil on the back right.  I was seriously fearing Kavil with EU who could dodge Jax, or drop a bomb and dodge, and had 4 dice TLT's.  He inched Kavil and Kath forward, letting Carnor get Range 3 shots on Kavil through rocks.  I plinked a couple shields off while Kath went up the middle.  She got one shot on OL who already had her locked, did nothing.  The shuttle lucked out and killed the space tug on one shot before it fired (very aggressive with shuttle).  Next turn Shuttle got in Kavil's face and Kath parked on a rock.  Kavil got one bomb off which hit OL for a direct hit.  He had also lost one shield, and Jax was just fine.  Down to Kath, Jax did his jerk bit and OL did his, Kath eventually died without putting any more damage on anyone.  We did chase her across the board as Jax couldn't really afford to TL not knowing how far Kath would go. 

I used Palp at least 4 times to save either OL or Jax, probably wiffing his ability twice on great D rolls.  Won when I chased Kath to a corner and Jax was finally able to get that TL. 

Game 4:  Kavil/TLT/Atanni/Unhinged, Asajj with Atanni/Latts Razzi, and Tansarii Pt Vet/Heavy Scyk/HLC/Atanni.  I won the coin toss and gave him initiative for rock placement.  I started all three of mine in the lower left across from his 3 in the upper right.  Tansarii went through the middle, shuttle up the left, next turn I mistakenly nicked a rock with a 2 turn on the shuttle to right turn it into the asteroid field.  Asajj was going slow and kavil was following the Tansarii.  He landed a little damage on my shuttle and I really missed that 4 dice return shot to the Tansarii.  Next turn the shuttle did a 1 forward + coordinate to OL and the Tansarii did a 2 straight, barely nicking a rock.  OL, Carnor, and Shuttle weren't able to take it down (really rolled bad on red dice and I HAVE to save tokens + Palp for Carnor defense against Kavil)  At this point the shuttle is at 1/2 health as Asajj was handing it stress tokens I was pitching with the Baffle to keep my options open on maneuvering.  I managed to 2 turn the shuttle back towards me, causing the Scyk to bump the shuttle and Asajj to bump the Scyk.  Here things got to be a blur because he was really flying well.  Carnor finally killed the Scyk but took a point from Kavil.  OL still full.  I 2 turn the shuttle to my right and Kavil gets out in front of it.  Kavil and Asajj managed to take it down before it fired on Kavil!  Carnor had double stress, and OL was on Kavil's rear.  Next turn, Carnor vaporized from Kavil (I guessed 4 straight and didn't get into range 1 of Kavil, barely).  Asajj was pointed to my lower left and had to take the long way around, so OL did what he does and took 4 or 5 turns to take out Kavil.  Full health OL vs Full health Asajj, eventually it will be a lucky Asajj or OL takes it.  We had 35 minutes left on the clock and OL was able to do it in 20.  Slowly whittling down Asajj, he didn't take any damage back.  Scum player absolutely turned on the shuttle at exactly the right moment even though he lost.  Palp felt useless this whole game because I couldn't use him on offense, and TLT's hurt Carnor a TON. 

Palp:  Whiffed a lot in this game.  I just couldn't get it when I needed it.  Palp died because I was using him for Carnor and whiffed a couple times (Rolled blank blank focus to Kavil's 4 hits), Carnor died after a double stress (had to PTL to not die from Kavil that turn), and when it was OL's turn to shine he was facing a full health Asajj and Kavil with 2 shields gone.

I'll copy this into the Palp thread too, but seeing as this is the batwing flying thread I'll just continue to agree that even with the nerf to palp - this is a great carrier for him.  The shuttle has SO many maneuvers and works very well with coordinate.  But you really have to fly it aggressive.  Use it to block, or heck if that doesn't work use those 4 red dice!  It really hits hard and is like the 3rd "ace" in these kinds of lists.  People seem to underestimate how well this thing can do at close range.  My 3rd round opponent was just demoralized when the shuttle took care of his tugboat, then put major damage on Kavil before the aces cleaned up.  Likewise, my 2nd round opponent and I talked a bit and she has definitely learned more about flying Duchess.  You just don't joust with her!  I saw she was trying to get behind the shuttle and got close by about 1/2 a base.  It could have been a different game had Duchess gotten behind me!


The week before at regular league night I tried a list with Kylo Ren's shuttle, Whisper, and Wampa.  I don't think it did near as good as this did, mainly because Kylo is too high up on the PS scale.  I really like flying it like a tie fighter of old.  Focus each turn and if you use it for defense, great.  If not, hit hard on the shot back.  In this list I had Kylo Ren's shuttle title, but that didn't do anything because everyone was always too close so my opponent could choose which ship got the stress.  I really like the idea of it with Rebel captive for the double stress and will have to try that!

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I usually set the upsilon in the corner like the lambda and bring it in to battle, 1-2 straights and soft turns, if you have to be super aggressive, 3 straights and soft turns can haul it through the battlefield. Even after you pass up, 2 hards and 1 hards can be good to proc FCS if you need to, but by the time the upsilon passes through, the rest of your squad should be engaging with full health because people don't like the 4 attack dice.

The upsilon is good at bumping, you kind of want it as the center of the battle for the first rounds, dealing damage and bumping everyone, Kylo pilot with adaptability puts PS up there and adds the condition as a bonus however the condition isn't the focus of the ship itself, more for it's compatriots.

i like to run it with a tanky SF or Defender that can stick with the upsilon to focus on enemy in the opening and a flanking striker to come in from the side and make an actual difference with 3 attack dice.

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I tried Stridan with FCS, Systems Officer, and Targeting Synchronizer.  So all the Target Locks.  I ran him with Sabaac(VI, title, LWF), Wampa, and a Scimitar with ordnance.  Two ways to hand Sabaac a TL and then after Stridan shoots FCS gives him another TL which the Scimitar can use to fire a torp/missile or let Wampa re-roll hunting for crits.

Was fun in casual play, probably to many interactions for competitive though.

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