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Black Crusade: Warp Charms?

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Hello! I'm reasonably new to BC, and I keep finding references to Warp Charms in the Rulebooks. However, not a single one states what they are. 

It's not just fluff; the Seer boss of the Temple of Lies has them on his sheet. And in Tome of Fate, stealing some Warp Charms is part of the Toppled Spires adventure.

I've searched the internet, but no forum seems to discuss them. No homebrewed charms, or rules for their creation. 

And so, I ask now: what are they? 

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1. "Champion of Chaos" on Lexicanum, with reference to Codex: Chaos Space Marines (4th Edition):


Champion of Tzeentch - […] They often wear charms and pendants to protect themselves from the powers of the Warp; although the dangers are lessened they are still there.

2. Rogue Trader materials, as mentioned e.g. <here>:

Rak'Gol ship components include "Warp Charms".

3. Tome of Fate


 before these or other powerful beings decide the Heretics’ souls should instead power Surgub’s fabled warp charms, will take both intricate cunning and martial force.

(1) ∩ (2) = it's probably a sorcerous device roughly similar to a strong ward / Gellar field. (3) = It's powered by sacrifices, like most of such toys are.

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