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New Player Just Starting Out

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So I just started playing X-Wing Miniatures and I am working on a Rebel/ Resistance Build. I've picked up a few ships and I was looking for suggestions for Builds with the Ships I have and what I should buy next to better upgrade the ships I have. 

Right now I have:

TFA Core Set

Original Core Set

Heroes of the Resistance

The Ghost

T-65 X-Wing Expansion

T-70 X-Wing Expansion

Rebel Aces

I feel like I have a decent amount to work with here, but I'm trying to decide how to pair up the cards I have with the ships/pilots I have. I was looking at building around Poe Dameron or Wedge Antilles since they are fairly skilled pilots but I've only played once and am still trying to get a hang of the game and pairings. 

Any help would be much appreciated!


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Looks like you got an awesome start! For now I would just get some games in with what you have. You have quit a few ships and lots of good upgrades with those packs. Be aware, you are probably gonna end up with every rebel expansion ;) at some point. If you ever get bored of those ships I would recommend the following at some point:

-K-wing: my personal favorite. They have the slam action! Doing a 3 straight, then slamming into a 3 bank and dropping a conner net on someone never gets old! Comes with Twin laser turret which leads to my next recommendation...The Y-Wing

-Y-wing: A Gold squadron pilot with a twin laser turret for 24 points is just a beast!

-E-wing: Corran Horn, while very difficult to fly is one of the funnest pilots in the game. He can shoot twice! Make sure to slap on R2-D2 to keep him alive.

Also, I should point out that I think you are posting in the wrong spot. Try posting Here and you should get more responses:



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