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Showcase: TIE Advanced x1

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Hey all!

I may have posted these elsewhere in this thread, but forgot to post them here.

I think Vader has a zerg problem as well as most Terrans do...

mzmj6rpFXOAsFAQugU_jwdrDe-1GeodiHXMhaxm9dkh6GMdDu-e1Cicm61zMATgOyjjsFSlUlV-MrChLkHe8TJl3NLfTl4pNyZ2dXbmh-a2Bz2vTMljb2-ofqxy9t4KnGkcKWMfRdTs owxqkh7yNDVdf9EFg_zOCJZGybjHkD9n14XAd6vssax-WlvXRQi2i072onzzP5DOfjH8oZ0w0G7kSUHTrvXWEDmdZeLKYmAYcAJOwIL8iY1RecKysrLImrxYqvbwYkesm1Jgwn90Ms4 HRXhJPV8gjch-TgHa_WzfktkZSkxzWN_NipUn1HC9xZq96N_13oRzFNV571iVOX9UgoX2jJFtDh98SnJY7cp_g2BUdYMPDfqj3Lcl0FSQ3tO8SGjwozLqFAApX-TAmGu4pWel5iWhj0 

Edited by Darth Drago
Sorry for the huge pictures. :( I am unable to shrink them

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