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Way I see it, the major globetrotting adventures would be along the lines of:

In the Shadow of Madness: Contact with the Starkweather-Moore expedition has been lost. We're sending a rescue team (against the strident protestations of Professor Dyer) to search for any survivors and bring them back (along with any interesting specimens they may have uncovered.) Oh, and on the way back, could you be a dear and help the Professors Peaslee check on some ruins in the Great Sandy Desert?

The Curse of Cthulhu: Inspector Legrasse needs your help. Several of his men have gone missing recently, and they all have one thing in common: every one of them participated in the raid against the loathsome Cthulhu Cult in 1908. Now he's seen dark figures following him and fears he's next. Your adventure will take you from New Orleans (perfect for slotting in Curse of the Rougarou) to the mountains of Tibet, to the mysterious Plateau of Leng, culminating in a pulse-pounding escape from R'lyeh!


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