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Just looked into ordering some of the adversary decks on the webstore as nowhere in the UK stocks them, nor can they order them apparently as Esdevium don't understand the POD service FFG offers on these decks. It's going to cost more to ship them to the UK than it is for the actual decks! This is insane!

The postage cost makes the decks totally not worth it.

$28 for the decks, $32 for the shipping. Then there's sales tax to add on too, and customs charges because the cost of shipping pushes them over the threshold... This means that all told I'm probably looking at £60 for them, so about $75 for 4 decks.

Not going to happen.

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Plus if you do order them from Fantasy flight, and pay the ridiculous shipping costs.  They then get delivered at my work before anyone was there and then you get the run around for 9 weeks as USPS don't answer any inquiries and FFG palm you off by saying it will take up to 8 weeks to deliever and they will not do anything before that time, and now I'm 9 weeks in and they are now ignoring my emails.. So I'm $50+ out of pocket I don't have the adversary decks and I'm just leave feeling completely deflated and betrayed by a company I thought cared about its customers, seriously thinking about black listing them, selling all my books (i have everything for Star Wars) and never buying another FFG product

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