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Antias Shrine world allow to travel to inner tier?

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Hi guys. Just bought the italian version of Relic and was playing it with my kids until i noticed something strange.

Be aware that my translation of game text could not be right: I cannot find a decent image of an english game board to compare with the italian version, I've only got a "Rules of play"PDF.

I was on "Antian shrine world" space, middle tier,  and, well, if you "Pray" (Prega) and roll a 3-4 it clearly say to move to any space "in the outer or inner tier". Really? So I rolled a 3-4 and moved my character directly to the "Labyrith of Tzeentch" but it seemed a nonsense to me. Maybe it's a translation error?

Check the image: "Livello esterno od interno" means "Outer or inner tier"... Post a pic of the english version please...

Antias Relic.jpg

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