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Once the C-Roc is out should Huge ships be a requirement in Epic formats?

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1 hour ago, mad mandolorian said:

no, not every arge battle needs epic ships, what if i just want to run full red + gold squadrons?

Good point, I just wish there was some synergistic to make said Red and Gold squadrons different in Epic than they are in standard. Much like how IG-2000 Aggressor is. In Epic the 4 IG-2000 are completely different than your typical competitive bro-bot list because of the title synergy. That is IMHO the final element missing in epic.

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We have a 20 player league going on - our house rules are:

General: Huge or Large-based ship (pilot or a crew on one section)

Lieutenant: Large or Small-based ship

Total of both these must be at least 80 pts

Killing either gives an extra league point (victory = 3, so 5 pts total if you table your opponent)


We've seen a lot of Raiders and some Tantive lists - Raiders have been dominating.

I do NOT want a "must play a huge ship" as I play 2 Upsilon shuttles that I purchased really just for Epic play, they are my version of a gozanti I guess - superb support and playing Dormitz makes epic deployment really insane (its really hard to position right)

Honestly I'd give up on Epic play if it forced me to play a Huge. 300 pts isnt enough to force a huge ship.

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To answer the original question, yes I do feel that Epic format should include at least 1 huge ship (1 per side for epic dogfight; 2 per side for team epic).  Personally, it would be the only thing that would draw me to Epic play.


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