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Incorporating an Inquisitor with DeathWatch - what books?

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Curious - if I'm going to be an inquisitor that has requisitioned some marines for some particular missions, which books should I be using to make my inquisitor?



Using Deathwatch rules for psyker powers? Basically follow the guidelines for Grey Knights?


Help!!! :)

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Deathwatch is incorporated with the FIRST edition version series of Dark Heresy (DHv1), so short-lived DHv2 series will not help you.


As for which books, it depends upon how far/much you want to work with.  The two definite requirements are bold-faced & under-lined.  The rest are optional.


1. DH-01: Core Rulebook (obvious necessity)

2. DH-04: Inquisitor's Handbook

3. DH-10: Radical's Handbook ~ {Personal Note}: I liked this one for the Untouchable part, which can produce an Inquisitor that can rattle even Space Marines (especially Librarians) because of their Near Unique anti-psi nature, yet are of inestimable value and use to the Holy Ordos' works.

4. DH-11: Ascension (another obvious necessity)

5. DH-12: Blood of Martyrs ~ Rules for Acolyte-tier Ecclesiarchy-oriented characters, as well as new Rules for Adepta Soritas characters (opposed to the first version of Rules for Sisters of Battle from DH-04).


6. DH-16: Daemon Hunter ~ Mostly rules for Acolyte-tier Ordo Malleus characters.  However, it also covers rules for Grey Knights characters, which is on-par with Deathwatch.

7. DH-17: Book of Judgement ~ Rules of Acolyte-tier Adeptus Arbites characters.

8. DH-18: the Lathe Worlds ~ Rules for Acolyte-tier Adeptus Mechanicus characters.

9. DH-DLC-30: Heed the Higher Call ~ Previously found in the Support: Player Resources section of the Dark Heresy (v1) Products web-page.   These supplemental Ascension rules were for the Palatines of the Adepta Soritas (Sisters of Battle).  UN-fortunately, with the end of the WH40K-RPG series by FFG, all DLCs (DownLoad Content)  has been removed.  Where else you can find it now, I do not know.


For clarity...

 - Acolyte-tier characters are for (general) Dark Heresy levels, from beginning DH Rank-1 (400 XP) to DH Rank-8 (12,000 XP).

 - Throne Agent tier characters (Inquisitors and such) for DH: Ascension, closes the gap to Deathwatch XP levels, starting with DH Rank-9 at 13,000 XP.

 - Deathwatch Rank-1 starts at 14,000 XP.


Hope this helps.

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DH2 isn't 100% compatible with DW. I would recommend using Ascension- in addition to being the same 'generation' as DW, the x.p. levels are supposedly scaled correctly. I can't confirm that latter bit with first-hand experience, however...

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You are correct that DHv2 is not compatible with the first edition WH40K RPG series.  That was deliberate (marketing) design in hopes of rebooting the line (and making us buy things all over again, of course).  Obviously, the falling out between FFG and Games Workshop ended that marketing route.


As for Rank-1's across the series...

1. Dark Heresy (v1) starts at 400 XP

2. Only War starts at 600 XP. 

3. Rogue Trader starts at 4,500 XP.

4. Black Crusade starts at 7,000 XP.

5. Dark Heresy (v1): Ascension starts at 13,000 XP.  Also, DH: Ascension "starts" at Rank-9, continuing from DHv1 Rank-8.

6. Deathwatch starts at 14,000 XP.


"Technically," (note "quotations") all DH: Ascension characters are compatible with Deathwatch.

However, given that Deathwatch is heavily combat-oriented, it pragmatically limits what kind of Throne Agent can function properly with a Kill Team on-mission; especially given the many enemies on the Deathwatch-tier that generate Fear.

There is also the reduction of Kill Team Cohesion by having a non-Astartes along, as well as the non-Astartes character not benefitting from any Solo &/or Squad Modes.

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