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Re-Thinking the Power of the Pen (Adeptus Admin)

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Soo recently in my campaign I had x2 players create (in two separate groups) Adeptus Administratum "types" which got me to thinking...


Paperwork and You!


So what exactly can a member of the Administratum do to you or moreover the NPCs that occupy your 40k campaign?

One should factor in that at least for me and many other despite the RPG we enjoy a 33/33/33 split on activity (social, environmental, combat) > so is subject herein by no means is meant to "get rid of" of make an Admin character ineffectual when doing environmental & combat aspects of play...

This subject focuses mainly on Narrative aspect of play tied to Social facets.

When working with or within a notoriously complicated administrative hierarchy what can this special acolyte do?


Audit: Taxes and Tithes seem to be a staple in 40k moreover the management of resources...

This particular activity could conceivably cause wholesale ruin at its greatest extent (of course other eyes will be double checking the paperwork when tryin to figure out how that one past their office desks LOL).

Record: This category of activity could feasibly encompass everything from Historic Archives of events to Facts & Figures related to all manner of governmental outlay such as Surveys (land, planet, etc.), Census Figures, Demographics, any and all manner of measurement or event that a governing body may want to recall.  

I could see this ability being used to changed Records
How those Records are applied are up to you

Transfer: Movement of resources > from here we can speculate all manner of persons and things are moved all across the Imperium; the life blood of rule and how its applied - from food to armies moved via transfers.

I could see a particularly "free-spirited" player making a transport of say "bolters" having to make a rendezvous in order to make a Requisition Test less problematic > of course there will be followup queries as to the "how and why" the bolters are now late to arrive to the front...


Off of the top of my head this is the gist of what I recall - I'm sure Admin types especially Acolytes (who aren't newbies) can do more!

What do you think - is there more these desk jockeys, librarians, and scribes can do?

Let us know




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Here's a basic set of notes I'm using to guide this effort along...
Most of the Imperium is run on a bureaucracy so convoluted as to defy description. Everything needs a form, and the form always needs to be approved by a different department.
Life in the Imperium is dictated by a color-coded security clearance system, based on ROYGBIV — Red clearance is low, and while Violet is high.
(taken from Paranoia RPG clearance levels)
Disobeying someone of higher clearance is, of course, punishable by death anyways...
Assigned Equipment Loss / Damage Report
Briefing / Feedbaq
Citizen Asset Tracking Form
Clearance of Display
Clearance of Passage
Clearance of Research
Comms Request
Delayed Filing Form
Equipment Performance Report
Expense Assessment
Gift Writ
Incidental Damage Report
Loyalty Review
Merit of Unorthodox Methods
Mission Report
Mood Assessment
Moot Declaration Statement
Pre-emptive Excuse / Alibi Declaration
R&D Disclaimer Form
Receipt of Delivery Verification Form
Re-Education Request
Reward Request
Termination Request Form
Traitor ID Report
Troubleshooter Checklist

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