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Luke Skywalker and Target Lock

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I have a question...I have a guy I play against who likes to use Luke Skywalker as a crew on the Falcon. How does he work with target lock? If the shot misses, then that activates Luke's ability. But what if after the shot misses, without using Luke, he uses the target lock to reroll, then still misses. Does he get to reroll with Luke again? Or, can he shoot, miss, use Luke and reroll, then use target lock to modify the second attack? I need some guidance here! Thanks everyone!

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The short answer is you spend the Target Lock before green dice are rolled so you don't know yet if the shot missed.

Here's a basic order of operations of an attack:

1. Declare target

2. Attacker rolls red dice

2a. Defender modifies red dice (Sensor Jammer)

2b. Attacker modifies red dice (Focus, Target Lock, etc.)

3. Defender rolls green dice

3a. Attacker modifies green dice (Juke, Zuckuss crew, etc.)

3b. Defender modifies green dice (Focus, Evade, etc.)

4. Determine if the attack hits or misses.

5. Apply effects based on hitting the target (dealing damage, Ion cannon, etc.) Or based on missing (Gunner, Luke crew, Bossk crew)

Shorthand to help me remember is that the players take turns affecting the dice. You can read the specifics of dice modification in the old red Core Set "Rules of Play" booklet page 11&12 or the new blue Core Set "Rules Reference" booklet page 5.

This is often played pretty loose with casual play so I'd say as long as the two of you can agree on how to do it, the specifics don't matter. If you get around and play with multiple groups it's easiest to have everybody on the same page, my order listed above is probably good enough for that. On the other hand, if you have competitive ambitions you'll want to familiarize yourself with the 10 step flow chart in the latest FAQ :wacko:

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23 hours ago, thespaceinvader said:

Yup this is a key thing to bear in mind: Luke and Gunner and IGB are NOT rerolls.  They're totally separate attacks.

And Baze! Everyone always forgets Baze. (Because he's forgettable)

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