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Release of descent-community wiki 1.1

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Hi everyone

Almost as if Sadgit had planned it, the release of the excellent CRRG was two days before my planned release of a new Descent Wiki.

So here it is at http://wiki.descent-community.org

Why a new Wiki? We already have one.

  • I'm right now with 1500 edit gap to the next the most active committer on the already existing descent wiki at wikia.
    I wrote lots of templates to make the pages look uniform and changed almost all of the pages. However wikia doesn't allow access to the site-wide css and doesn't allow changes on the skin-css.
    This limits severely what i can do. Since i'm basically the only one actively working on it i could as well just move to my own wiki.
  • Wikia is overloaded with advertisement. 3/4 of the page is advertisement. Adblock fixes parts of that but it still is unbearable. My main problem is that wikias focus is on the adverts and not on the content.
    I want to have a wiki without any adverts.
    Running different website testing software, a given descent-community wiki site is consistently about 1/4 the size of a comparable wikia site. (~800KB~1MB  vs.  3.5MB~5MB depending on advertisement)
  • The mobile skin of wikia is broken.
    Like... really unfixable broken.
    My goal is to be able to visit the wiki with my mobile phone to look something up fast without the page being broken.
  • Removal of the visual editor. It just doesn't work. Whichever page is edited with the visual editor contains afterwards broken code and has to be fixed by hand. Better not enable it at all than have to cope with this mess.


  • No advertisement
  • Working MobileSkin
  • Access to backend (css, extensions, layout)


Current State

  • The descent-community wiki is a fork of the wikia wiki (content wise).
  • It uses MediaWiki 1.27.1 (update to 1.28.0 is in the pipeline)
  • New Look-and-Feel (skin, layout, etc.) is complete
  • Most of the cleanup of the conversion-damage is done (i keep finding small stuff...)


Next Steps

  • Currently doing cleanup on stuff which wasn't possible on the wikia (e.g. proper gallery)
  • Add support to the Card Template for Monsters and Lieutenants
  • Add a template for Heroes
  • Convert all the missing pages which aren't using the templates yet (mostly plot-cards, i could use some help on that)
  • Convert the existing templates to use classes instead of inline-css (this allows the templates to look better on mobile since i can have skin specific classes)

An updated list can be found here: http://wiki.descent-community.org/Todo



Edited by Psymia

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I pushed the version of the wiki to 1.1
Notable changes:

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