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GW announce new edition for later this year

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Just curious, @Artaterxes what didn't you and your group like about Relic?  

I thought Relic was OK.  I was actually looking forward to more expansions for it.  I was hoping Nomad Games was going to make a digital edition, but they created the Horus Heresy instead.  Which I found a bit harder to get into than Relic.  

Perhaps Relic got sidelined (besides the obvious FFG/GW split) because of the anticipation 8th edition of Warhammer 40,000.  

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No, Relic *we* disliked. Well, I didn't. My "nongamer" friends did.

I was trying to say that simple mechanics combined with a simple or generic setting makes the game accessible to anyone. A person new to board games likes roll and move in addition to an easy to understand sorceress or dragon or leprechaun. At least that was my experience.

When I tried to introduce Relic, it just didn't go as well. 

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I completely understand that.  I got relic but was a bit lost in the 30k setting.  The generic fantasy elements of Talisman do make it easier to connect with new players.

Those same mechanics make branding easy too.  I could see Talisman going the Steve Jackson Munchkin route with the right marketing.  

Talisman: Oz

Talisman: Lord of the Rings

Talisman: Legend of Zelda

Talisman: Wonderland and the Through the Looking Glass expansion

Talisman: Marvel with Infinity Gauntlet expansion

Talisman: Mad Max with the Road Warrior, Thunderdome and Fury Road Expansions

Talisman: Arkham Horror

any other you can think of?


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21 hours ago, Bludgeon said:


Item: Pipboy
Utilizing V.A.T.S., add up to three to your attack roll in both battle and psychic combat.

Follower: Dogmeat
Your loyal companion adds two to your attack roll in both battle and psychic combat.

Item: Potion: Nuka-Cola
Heal your life up to your life value and gain a +2 strength bonus for two rounds.

Oh, so many options.

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Wow a 5th edition


I can't say I am suprised by this. GW has realised that all of their 'sideline' games are actually a huge market. I think with Talisman that will make all of the games I loved as a child being re-released in recent years (expect Necromunda and that is coming out soon apparently)

I haven't got much faith in GW to do a good job, but it is Talisman so I am eager to see what they make of it. Certainly it has the potential for greatness, but I also fear like most of you it will be AOS world and end up being a big old pile of poo :(

HAHAHAHA I love some of the spinoff ideas : Talisman - Lord of the Rings could work excellently!

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Hi Neil 666,

That was my playable Lego Talisman diorama/board.  A lot of fun but mostly deconstructed now.

I am planning and gathering for a 2nd version - improved diorama, and the 2nd Ed'n city expansion in Lego (Costly though!!).

I'm aiming to bring it together through next year (2019) for exhibiting a Melbourne's Jan 2020 Brickvention all going well.

The variety of Lego minifigs (the collectable series or just from the variety of themes) allows mixing and matching to come up with something close to most characters, strangers and enemies. 

I just love being able to stick a sword in the hand, a helmet on the head and put them on a horse or with a horse and cart etc.  Then being able to move the group of character and followers around the board is really cool. These are 'playable' elements not available with the moulded miniatures (and mostly they only focussed on characters and rarely the peripheral folk/creatures).



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On 2/23/2017 at 6:28 AM, Neil 666 said:

As I mentioned in my first comment - my reworking Mark II of the board and additional City board.....moving along slowly in the Lego Shed down the backyard.  Interruption to work continuity Oct 2019 put on hold a funding burst for Brickvention Jan 2020.  Now as 2020 progresses......not sure what to plan for with respect to 2021.  

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