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WFRP 3ed web toolkit startup

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Hi everyone,

This is to announce about startup for WFRP 3ed web toolkit - a handy tool for Game Masters in WFRP 3ed to track conditions of NPC and monsters.
I do only have 1 year of experience in WFRP 3ed (only as a GM). During that time I noticed what a pain is for a GM to track the combat. Every creature has wounds, A/C/E pool, actions that are recharging, sometimes stance and a free-flow initiative chart. It is more or less OK when there are only a couple of adversaries, with with larger opposing armies things get more complicated. The fact is that I love the ideas brought with the system, especially the A/C/E pools. And I decided to create a tool that would free the GM from this token-management task.

The toolkit itself would be free-ware and open-source. But the database of cards and materials will not be included by default (to avoid possible legal issues).

Here is a link to track the development progress.
Currently the "toolkit" is in version v0.01. It is able to render action cards out of source json files.
Here is a link to example json action card Troll Feller Strike that demonstrates how the data is encoded.
And finally here is a link to bitbucket repository (which is something like the github) with the project. So if you would like to participate just let me know then! I have vacations until mid of March, so my response during that time might be laggy.

And yes I know that the stars are not right for anything with WFRP 3ed. But I do love this edition, its ideas and quality of its materials. And I do want to practice myself in some technologies that are new to me.
I've started the topic here since StS forums don't feel to me like something being alive. At least in WFRP 3ed section. But if this forum gets closed, the topic will be moved here.

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Here is a link to verion 0.07.

  •   It has a New Card template that is opened by default - with everything empty, so you don't need to delete all the old stuff to create a new card.
  • !important! it uses new JSON format to encode the cards - this is to prepare for a client-server application that is being developed. This version still accepts old format, so that if someone has created several cards and stored their JSON representations on a disk, please import them with this new version and re-export. The export will produce correct new format.
  • Editor now has some tooltips that appear with a click on a label.
  • You can now set Display Name, Source and Language of the card. It is a meta-data and will not be drawn on a card, but instead it will be used to sort and filter cards.
  • It also includes my version of "Channel Power" card that is somewhat different to the standard one.

My English grammar and style is far from perfect, so if anyone could send me corrections for the tooltips and the "Special" section of Channel Power card, I'll be grateful.

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