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Community Rules Reference Guide (CRRG)

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I will add these points to the CRRG. 

Your view is correct. When monsters engage heroes they try to move into an adjacent space regardless of Reach (or Extend).

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Posted (edited)

CRRG Version 1.13. (01/2019)
corrected several "Related Topics" with wrong "Modify results of rolls" keywords
modified position of bullets on action in entry Familiars
corrected side quest assignment for BotW and SotS
corrected formatting in entry Acts
corrected mechanism for cards drawn in the Upgrade stage of The Delve in entry Stages
modified entry Crumbling Terrain
modified entry Steps of Combat/Declare weapon and target
added entries Bone Wand, Boneborn Bow and Soulbound Sword to section 2.3

Edited by Sadgit

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