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Is this a good use of Attanni Mindlink?

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100 points



Fenn Rau (32)
Protectorate Starfighter (28), Attanni Mindlink (1), Concord Dawn Protector (1), Autothrusters (2)

Asajj Ventress (40)
Lancer-class Pursuit Craft (37), Attanni Mindlink (1), Latts Razzi (2)

Manaroo (28)
JumpMaster 5000 (27), Attanni Mindlink (1)


Feedback is appreciated.

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Easy there boys, Kyl0REN is a new kid on the block, lets give him the benefit of the doubt and cut him a little slack. ;)

Yes, Parattanni is a very strong list because maximises "action economy" (the ability of a ship to take more than the normal one action per turn). This is a key feature of most powerful X-wing lists. All 3 ships are pretty strong in themselves, particularly if you play to their strengths.

Rau and Ventress are your primary attack ships while Manaroo hangs back in support. Manaroo is useful here as her pilot ability allows you to feed extra tokens to your main ships in addition to those provided by the Attanni Mindlink. Manaroo has the lowest Pilot Skill in the list and will activate first so normal operation is for her to move and then take a Focus action. This will generate a Focus token each for Rau and Ventress too. Manaroo can then pass her own Focus token to whichever ship looks like it is going to be in the most intense fighting. Ventress and Rau then activate in turn and take their actions (ideally target lock but you may need to chose others depending on their situation).

By the time your ships come to attack, Rau and Ventress should have a target lock each plus 3 Focus tokens between them. Rau gets bonuses from both his pilot ability and title card for being at Range 1 of the enemy so this is where you want to get him as often as possible (use your Boost or Barrel Roll actions if you must to ensure you get those bonuses). Ventress can place a Stress token on a nearby enemy at the start of the combat phase. This can either be left there to hinder the enemy in future turns or she can use Latts Razi to remove the token in return for improved defences if the enemy attack her.

The downside of Attanni Mindlink is that if one pilot gets stressed, the other pilots also get a stress token. However that downside is minimised in this list because all 3 ships have a lot of green manoeuvres with which they can clear the Stress. In the worst case, if a ship cannot clear its stress, it can still be fed tokens by Manaroo to help it out until it gets a chance to remove them.

Hope this helps explain why Parattanni is a good list. If you want to see it in action, look up some games on YouTube where you can see people flying it and get a feel for how it works.

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