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Soul Eater-Riku

noobie deck

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i'm just a beginner and been recently using this deck. Give me some tips on how to make it better. Ask me if you want to know what other cards I have.

Player Card:

 1x Sora lv 3 (BoD)

1x Sora Wisdom Form

Friend Cards:

1x Abu lv 1 (BoD)

1x Aladdin lv 1 (BoD)

1x Ariel lv 1 (BoD)

1x Donald Duck lv 1 (BoD)

1x Donald Duck lv 4 (BoD)

1x Elizabeth Swann lv 1

1x Goofy lv 1 (BoD)

1x Goofy lv 3 (BoD)

1x Goofy lv 4  (BoD)

2x Jack Skellington lv 1 (BoD)

1x Kairi lv 0 (L&D)

1x Kairi lv 2 (BoD)

1x Megara lv 0 (BoD)

1x Merlin lv 3 (BoD)

1x Ping lv 1 (BoD)

1x Will Turner lv 2 (BoD)

Magic/Friend Cards:

1x Peter Pan lv 1 (BoD)

Dark and Heartless Cards:

1x Barrel lv 1 (BoD)

2x Bouncywild lv 1 (BoD)

1x Creeper Plant lv 2 (BoD)

1x Pot Spider lv 2 (BoD)

2x Shadow lv 1 (BoD)

1x Shock lv 1 (BoD)

Nobody Cards:

1x Assassin lv 2 (BoD)

1x Dragoon lv 3 (BoD)

1x Samurai lv 1 (BoD)

Equipment Cards:

1x Decisive Pumpkin (BoD)

1x Kingdom Key (BoD)

2x Oathkeeper (BoD)

1x Olympia (BoD)

Magic Cards:

1x Blizzard lv 2 (BoD)

1x Cure lv 1 (BoD)

1x Fire lv 2 (BoD)

1x Fira lv 3 (BoD)

1x Gravity lv 2 (BoD)

1x Stop lv 3 (BoD)

Technique Cards:

1x Comet (BoD)

1x Whirli-Goof (BoD)

World Cards:

3x Olympus Coliseum lv 1 (BoD)

1x Port Royal lv 2 (BoD)

3x Twilight Town lv 2 (BoD)

Total Amount of Cards: 50 

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