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Looking for a Co-GM!

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Hi! Thanks for taking the time to look further at this. Here are some details that might whet your appetite:

Gaming Details

We start RP 19:00-20:00 GMT and typically game until 00:00-00:30 GMT. Everything is done via Skype and Roll20 with a paid account that utilises the API.


The Old Republic era, albeit with an altered timeline that I'll discuss in-depth with anyone interested :) Revan defeated Mandalore at Malachor V and that's when the Emperor unleashed the Sith Empire upon the Galaxy. As nothing really exciting happens between 3960 BBY and 3680 BBY I just deleted it, meaning NPCs could appear from both eras. I've got a list of events and how they link together I can provide to anyone interested!

The Campaign

This follows a group of individuals picked out of the masses by a Dark Council member who is the Head of the Sphere of Mysteries for unknown reasons. These individuals don't know it but they are destined for greatness, or at least the Dark Council Member believes so, and is steering events on a galactic scale to make them realise their true potential. Any other details will be discussed 1 to 1 as I don't want my players reading this and seeing spoilers ;)

Where do you fit in?

I'm looking for an individual who enjoys GMing to help me write the campaign, prepare epic battles and grand plot arcs & twists and prepare each weekly session. We're a fun loving bunch so while our RP often takes on some dark undertones it's generally really lighthearted. One of the players streams it on Twitch but I wouldn't worry about it, this isn't going to turn into a money making venture! The idea is to create a huge campaign that can one day be released to all the players of FFG SWRP to be repeated/used as adventures.


If you are interested just drop me a message!

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