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Have fun at San Diego Regionals!

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So I have been registered for the San Diego, CA regionals since the calendar was issued. Literally that weekend I called and made my reservation. It was a couple weeks after my son was due to be born, but my wife assured me that with a couple weeks recovery she could handle the baby so I could go down and play Armada.

I have not looked forward to a tournament more since the game launched since I have missed the last 2 regionals due to getting laid off, moving, and finding a new job and I have been playing Armada every night, opponent or not, honing my list and my skills to tournament shape to show strong in SD.

However, my son ended up coming a week and a half late, and now I have a 5 day old around the house and my wife is still not able to do any heavy lifting. She broke the news to me that she doesn't think she can handle the baby by herself, so I am going to have to be a scratch tomorrow in SD.

All this to say, if you are going to regionals in San Diego I wish you best of luck! If any of you can take some videos, do some batreps, or whatnot as the day goes on so guys like me who can't be there can still get their fill of Armada I would appreciate it.

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