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The Space Between the Stars OOC

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The stuff I'm buying is only Rarity 2, and Junction looks like it's on a major trade route so I assume that's a Simple (-) roll, but let me know if I'm wrong on that assumption and I'll make some negotiation rolls.

For the record, buying a Physician's Kit for 400, and a Recon Remote for 250. Figure I might as well be the resident healer, fits with the survivalist angle and my Int score suits it well.

IC post going up in a sec.

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Going to buy a Crash Survival Kit (300), 4 Emergency Repair Patches (100), 2 Stimpacks (50), a backpack (50), 2 Extra Reloads (50), 2 Stun Grenades (150), a Combat Knife (25), and a Holdout Blaster (200).

The other 75 I'll just pocket and save for a rainy day. The stun grenades and the holdout blaster are both rarity 4. If that's an issue I can try rolling or seeing if one my new best friends can help me out.

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Padded Armor Soak 2, 500cr
MCI-100 Magnacuffs Enc1 100cr
Load bearing gear +3 enc threshold 100cr
Stun Grenade D8 Short Enc1 Disorient 3 Stun Blast 8 Limited Ammo 1 75cr (x2: 150cr enc2)
Extra Reload Enc1 25cr (x2 50cr enc2)
Stim pack 25cr (x4 100cr)

1000 credits 
+5 encumbrance (+7 = 12 total)
+3 encumbrance threshold (12 threshold)
I might end up leave some stuff on the ship/base

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I compared everyone's ability scores and skill points to assign stations. Fill was the only one with a point in Gunnery, so I made him Gunner. I know he's got 2 points in Piloting (Space), but well, Asichi is making the best call. When she's dead, you guys can change things up XD

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