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The Space Between the Stars OOC

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Recruiting for a new homebrew campaign.

Build characters here.

Make your sheets here and link them in this thread.

Roll any dice here and link them in this thread by copy and pasting the bbcode.

(HINT: if you're unfamiliar with orokos, here's an example. Say you need to make a check involving 2 Ability dice, 2 Precision dice, 1 Boost die, 1 Difficulty die, 2 Challenge dice, and 3 Setback dice, here's the code - 2eA+2eP+1eB+1eD+2eC+3eS. Force/Destiny dice are rolled using the eF code with the number of dice needed to roll before the code.)

After a minimum of 3 characters are accepted, we will begin discussing/voting on the group resource/ship.

I will be accepting a maximum of 5 Player Characters, but will also keep a "Reserve/Rotation" list of 4 Player Characters for anyone who wants to be part of this campaign but will not be able to play frequently.

This is a beginner level campaign (standard beginning character build).

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or PM them to me. I will respond to them as quickly as possible.

[NOTE: This campaign is intended for Edge of the Empire careers and specializations. I will only accept one maximum character from either Age of Rebellion or Force and Destiny.]

Character List

1. JediRonin's Corek Tek

2. Tom Cruise's Ror Zil

3. keeper2190's Arkuat Fill

4. Kymrel's Massan

5. No.12's Jerome Kholl

Important NPCs

1. crew captain, Chora Asichi (WIP)

Reserve/Rotation List

1. Imperial Stormtrooper's Thell Itgu

2. (empty)

3. (empty)

4. (empty)


The group's ship:

Ship - None


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...



"The Space Between the Stars"


It has been almost a full year since the Rebel Alliance destroyed the Death Star in a battle in space over the planet YAVIN and its FOURTH MOON. The Galactic Empire is readying its troops to strike back against the Alliance and hopefully destroy them once and for all. The Alliance has abandoned its base on the moon and is in the process of relocating elsewhere.


Meanwhile, strange rumors have begun circulating smuggler dens, cantinas, and syndicate hovels all throughout the galaxy - whispers that some EVIL has taken the Yavin system as its stronghold and is rapidly increasing in power. The rumors have yet to be confirmed, because no ship to travel to the system has returned in more than half a year...

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I'd like to play. My first choice of character is Massan, a Sentinel Artisan. His primary role is that of a Mechanic and a Computer expert. He knows he's Force Sensitive, but hides the fact from others.

If someone else has a character from AoR or F&D I'll find something else to play.

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Just now, Ulric dOrien said:

I'd like to play. Is a Correlian pilot too much of a cliche? Maybe an honest freighter pilot constantly being suspected of smuggling.

Not to hijack but I can see some interesting things happening when an Honest Corellian, who happens to look similar to a certain scruffy smuggler, gets hassled by Imperials because they confuse him for said scruffy smuggler.

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Hey! I'll throw an app this way! Drew up a Sullustan smuggler to maybe fly whatever we have for a ship. I wrote the backstory to keep it up in the air if he still has the ship he stole from the SoroSuub Corporation, in case you had something in mind for that.


Anyway, here is Arkuat

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I might be into this. Never played a ton of PbP stuff, but the format should suit me pretty well, I'm familiar enough with text based stuff. Thinking of playing a Duros Archaeologist, with a serious case of dangerous curiosity. Probably finds the mystery of what's happening in the Yavin system too intriguing to pass up and wants to dive right in. Kinda cliche, but not in a bad way I don't think.

I'll throw together a character sheet later this afternoon when I get a chance.


EDIT: http://swsheets.com/c/j1yxsediw-ror-zil

Here we go. And here's the roll for starting credits, it's uh, pretty dire :P

He's going to be shredded to pieces if he takes any hits in combat, but I'm not really going for a combat machine here, just a plucky adventurous university nerd. Let me know if you want me to flesh out any of this more (the backstory is pretty barebones, I can bulk it up a little if you like).

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34 minutes ago, Jedi Ronin said:

Since we'll be there a while I'd like to tie my Obligation to the mission - how does Favor sound?  I'm on the mission because I owe the captain (or some "benefactor" pushing the mission)?

Sounds good. I was planning to make a captain and one other NPC as further *ahem* persuasion to get the crew heading to Yavin willingly or not

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1 minute ago, Prophyt said:

#12's character isn't yet complete - still need to purchase gear

The 4 of you already on my list, please begin discussing your group resource options

Homestead on Yavin 4!?!

Do we have the RAW options or a budget to pick a ship?

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