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Showcase: Z95 Headhunter

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1 hour ago, almagester said:

Mr Tough Guy, I hope you don't mind that I swiped through the rest of your photobucket album. I really love how you theme your ships -- excellent attention to color palettes and patterns.

Thanks man, yeah should really dig out and update the old post showing my scum or make a new one, have a few new paintjobs that I don't think I've shown here before, and there's a few ships that need to have their pictures taken

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Here are mine. I love Zeds, but I'd love them even more if they either had more punch (besides missiles). 

The first one is usually Airen Cracken.

The two scum had their Black Sun logos covered up so I could use the model in my Rebel squads and not feel conflicted about it. (We all have some oddness, right guys? Guys...? Hello? Just me? I knew it.)


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There are some AWESOME repaints of Z95s on here guys. Well done.

Threads like this are superb, as we can all get inspired by what everyone is doing....and nick a few ideas ! :P

Here is My Z, Well kind of. 

Its a Z95 modified into a Battlestar Gallactica Colonial Viper.

not an Exact Copy of a Viper, just inspired by it, as I wanted the Z to still be noticeable for use. 





Looking forward to seeing more great re-paints from everyone.

All the best,



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On 08/02/2017 at 10:45 AM, Mr Tough Guy said:

Here's a quick pic of the first three I painted for my decepticon themed scum


All the Re-paints on here are Superb......But I really like these Decepticons. They are Fantastic and very well painted !

Great Job Tough Guy.

All the best,


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On 08/02/2017 at 4:55 AM, Piscopas said:

Z95 Headhunter -- Viridian Starfighter Group -- Callsign: "Otis"



Piscopas,  Your green and yellow Squad colours always impress me.

Firstly they are the right shade of green and yellow so they compliment each other perfectly.

and then there is the fantastic execution !

great job !

You should also be commended for starting up the Showcase section again.

Well done :D

All the best, Barry.

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Argh! Piscopas! I "should" be working on a TIE/FO, a pair of Y-Wings, and a scratchbuilt Talonbane Cobra alt, and instead when I get home from work I'm probably not going to be able to resist painting Z's instead. :lol:

(These threads are much fun, excellent idea)

Tough: Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker made me smile.

BlueFrog: I Adore the cockpit canopy, mind if I ask how? Or should I earn that arcane knowledge myself?  

Barry: I... you... it... arright, forget it, upvoting Barry for anything else is essentially spitting in a pond. ;):P

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Made it! 

Okay, I'm certainly not earning any points for originality; I set the personal goal of generating something to participate in this thread within two post-workday evenings, didn't get terribly creative with it I'm afraid.

Lots of little flaws, but fun overall; and I finally got to use that Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue somewhere. That stuff is so pretty to me I just like to look at it bubbling out of the bottle


[edit] I'll just post again. srry all


Kiiiinda wish I had put the Tamiya tape on there to true up the invasion stripes, but was kinda in a rush.

Crrrraaaap pictures again. :angry::angry:

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