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First Order Ships

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I was really kind of disappointed they did not include any ships in the Force Awakens Beginner game. 

Thoughts on the 

TIE FO I am thinking it would have 1 shield point

TIE SF One shield point a turret and a concussion missile launcher.  

Upsilon class shuttle

Storm trooper transport?

I would also like to see upgraded Y-Wings and B-wings and A wings. In a similar vein to what we see with the T-70 X-wing we worked on in another thread. 

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The TIE/fo can share the TIE Fighter stats with a 1 point bump on System Strain.

The TIE/sf definitely should have a turret with Linked 1 Lasers and a Concussion Missile launcher with Limited Ammo 2.  But I would use the TIE Defender stats with 1 Shield point  forward and no Shield point aft.

The Upsilon shuttle, Lambda stats possibly upgrade the Armor a point or bump the rear defense to 2.

The stormtrooper transport could use the TIE Bomber stats with a light repeating blaster turret (personal weapon stats).

The Resistance shuttle is a modified B-wing if I remember some of the reading.  So maybe keep a light laser cannon and give a passenger capacity of a dozen or so.

We'll have to see what Episode VIII brings us for other craft.

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From the Poe Dameron Flight Log:

Tie/sf has:

  • Class 3 hyperdrive
  • Dual laser turret w/ 360* field of fire
  • 2 front facing laser cannons
  • Concussion and mag-pulse warhead launcher
  • Shields, life support system 
  • 1 pilot, 1 gunner, 1 week consumables

Atmospheric Assault Lander:

  • No hyperdrive
  • 1 dorsal blaster cannon
  • Xerradin IonOre armor plating
  • Shields, life support
  • Pilot, gunner, 20 troopers
  • 3 days consumables






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In the Poe comic, there is a Duros pilot whose RZ-1 A-wing interceptor (veterans of the rebel alliance, both) holds its own, against FO Ties:


"...Ties are faster and more maneuverable than X-wings...Especially those new special forces models."

"Good thing we're not all flying X-wings, then, isn't it?"



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9 hours ago, TheBalzan said:

I'd add a point to shields, the new TIEs have shields...

meh, I'd just put it on the TIE/sf, not the TIE/fo.  The TIE/fo version didn't seem all that much more durable over a regular TIE/ln.  I think it's more accurate to reflect what's seen on screen vs what an artbook shows.  But then again we don't see the TIE/sf's durability on screen either but there are distinct differences (turret mounted weapons and a hyperdrive) that a single point in the forward zone isn't too far fetched for a superior version of the TIE/fo.

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Point of order regarding the TIEs/f, but if you look at a picture it's pretty apparent that "360 degree turret" actually means "can shoot forwards and backwards", because if you tried to fire that thing either port or starboard you would blow your own wings off. Something to potentially keep in mind.

In my current campaign set post TFA I'm taking stats of OT Imperial vehicles and giving them a slight boost whenever I need a FO equivalent, because I want them to feel like more advanced designs. So all the TIEs have a shield point, not just the special forces variant. For the new Star Destroyers I would treat them more like a hazard than an enemy with hit points the players could theoretically defeat.

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