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Proud GM Moment

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My players generated Despair on an Astrogation check and ended up 1,000 light-years off course in uncharted space. During the course of play they discovered an inhospitable planet similar to Tattooine. Deciding to explore, "Eh, since we're here", they found an abandoned research station with several grave markers nearby.

The little aliens that populated the research station were akin to horseshoe crabs, their technology based on smart ceramics and malleable glass. The desiccated remains of the last survivor sitting at some sort of data terminal, they translated the final entries of the research log. They were the last survivors of their race.

Their researches were centered around creating a catalyst that would exalt lesser species to self awareness and sentience.

The PCs discovered some samples. Translating the labels, they had found an " adaptive DNA scaffold. "

Returning to civilized space, they were keen to sell it to a pharmaceutical corporation. I was prepared to let them name their price. A million? Fine. Ten million, with residuals? Yep. 200 million? Sure.

They opted to destroy it after discussing their options, mindful of the political and social ramifications that began to surface. A true, long-term moral decision. I remained neutral. I was only invested in where the story would go once they decided. Very proud of my players for looking past the dollar signs. A great group of players.


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On ‎2‎/‎6‎/‎2017 at 0:31 PM, ExpandingUniverse said:

IMAO.. pretty awesome.


Copyright the idea IMMEDATELY.. worthy of a published adventure or at least an extended modular encounter, an idea definitely worth stealing :D

Too late, I'm using it. :P

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