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Crystal Geyser

Anyone interested in a play-by-post game?

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Hey all,


I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in playing in a play-by-post game right here on the forum? I've recently written a fairly detailed adventure that I'd like to test out, and if people enjoy it we could even spin it out into a whole campaign. I'm a fairly experienced GM but this would be my first time Gming over a forum.


The effective premise of the adventure would be that the acolytes have been tasked by their Inquisitor to infiltrate a noble gathering and plant evidence condemning one of the houses in attendance. As such, social interaction and investigation will be the primary focus of the adventure, rather than combat.


I'm looking for about three to four players. If anyone is interested, comment below!

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With regard to any house rules/other things players should know. I'm pretty flexible on all of these if people are adamantly against any of them, but these are just rules I've tended to institute after running the system for a while.

At character creation, you can assign your stats as you please, rather than having to roll across. If more than half of your stats are below average (31), you can opt to Mulligan and re-roll the whole line (the intent here is to avoid characters who are crushingly underpowered, especially given DH1's harsh start difficulty). You do have to Mulligan before you do your one permanent re-roll, however, if you choose to take that option. As for your stat numbers, I’m going honors system here with the rolls. Don’t fudge them, you only cheat yourself in the long run.

If there's anything in your starting gear you don't really want, you can refund it to the armory for its full price. If you want, you can even go so far as to liquidate all your starting assets and free-buy all your gear. If you have a choice between items, feel free to refund the more expensive one.

All Supplements are good to go with me, including any homeworlds, background packages, career ranks, etc, and I possess access to most of them in hardcover. That being said, it's your job to know how your special abilities work, etc if you use something from a supplement I don't possess.

For leveling up, I'm very liberal with Elite Advances. If there's a skill you feel your character should have based on their backstory, or even if it's just because it's thematically fitting, I'll probably tell you to go for it.

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