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Corellian Conflict - Eagle Club, London

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Our campaign is finally underway in London. Here is my narrative-driven write up from the Rebel perspective of last night's battle. I hope you enjoy reading it!

(Captain's Sixsmith and Onera are characters I created for the narrative. Part of my fleet is identical AFMKIIB's (w/DTT's) and I differentiated them by using a "Six" and "One" token and their names are simply a play on words)

Freedom for the Corellian System

Day 1: Freedom calls.

The time has come to liberate the Corellian System from Imperial tyranny. Alongside Admirals Sato and Ackbar, we have resolved ourselves to make a stand for freedom. Our Covert Operative network has informed me that Admiral Konstantine is currently in the Aurea system and the time to begin our assault is now…….

Hour 1: Blinded by the sun

Konstantine had his fleet deployed close to the star in the Aurea system, meaning we came out of hyperspace inside its Corona. The problem caused by this is twofold; we were unable to take advantage of my Fleet’s usually exemplary accuracy, and critically, Konstantine was able to see us coming.

Hour 2: Jockeying for position

Our fleets were on a collision course and we appeared to be equally matched. Neither Konstantine nor I were prepared to commit our forces to an early engagement. I ordered my Navigator to push forward, in the hope of drawing his Star Destroyer closer to me, while Captains Sixsmith, and Onera pushed up the left flank in single file.

Hour 3: Squadron Assault

The first shots for the freedom of Corellia took place approximately three hours after we arrived in Aurea. Konstantine had pushed Zertik Strom and a collection of Tie Fighters into our squadrons. They hit hard, destroying our A-Wing group before targeting our X-Wings. We returned fire, determined to avenge our fallen Brothers and were able to tear down the renowned Gamma Squadron.

Hour 4: Feint

As the Star Destroyer edged closer to my flagship, I issued a command to my Engine Technicians to head towards the small asteroid field that stood between us. Their skill enabled us to use the gravitational field of the largest asteroid and allowed us to make a hard turn to the right, avoiding the primary weapons load out of the Star Destroyer, and allowing us to bring our guns to bear on Konstantine’s incoming Arquitens Cruiser.

At the same time, Captain Sixsmith engaged the Interdictor vessel at long range. The Corona blinded their attack, resulting in only superficial damage to the shields of the Imperial craft.

Konstantine’s squadrons continued their attacks upon our brave Starfighters, resulting in the loss of two X-Wing squadrons. The ingenuity and bravery of Rogue Squadron kept them in the fight when many others would have failed. After a concerted effort, and numerous withering attacks, they eventually succumbed. Until the last, they honoured the heritage and reputation of Rogue One and they will never be forgotten.

Hour 5: Engagement

Our manoeuvre around the asteroid field forced Konstantine’s Star Destroyer to take damage directly to its hull. From our position, it appeared that one of his primary thrusters took a direct hit. We traded broadsides with each other, with neither ship taking any substantial damage before we flew behind him, into the relative safety of his rear arc and our sights firmly set upon his Interdictor. If we could just get there in time to support Sixsmith & Onera…..

Captains Sixsmith and Onera brought their guns to bear on the Interdictor. Konstantine ordered the deployment of their experimental drives which appeared to alter space around our ships and slow them down. We need to better understand this technology if we are to devise an effective counter against it.

Sixsmith took a double barrage of fire from the Interdictor, his shields collapsed and I could see fires breaking out on the hull.

Hour 6: Adrift, but salvageable

After another attack on the Interdictor, this time causing significant damage to its hull, Sixsmith turned a hard left, around a large debris field in an attempt to break away from the battle. However, a shot from the rear of the Interdictor was enough to shut down the systems of the Frigate, leaving him adrift.

Onera fired a huge barrage into the Interdictor, causing further damage to its hull.

After 6 hours of engagements, feints, and heroism on both sides, I ordered my fleet to break off the assault and withdraw from the Aurea system. Bloodied, but unbowed, we will continue the fight for freedom.

General Madine, signing off.

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Corellian Conflict – Raid at Raider’s Point

Following the defeat of General Madine at the hands of Admiral Konstantine, Commander Sato knew that the rebellion needed resources to replenish its losses so his plan to raid the Imperial shipping lanes must succeed.

Coming out of hyperspace at the appropriately named ‘Raider’s Point’ hyperspace navigation point Sato was disappointed to see that rather than the lightly defended convoy he had been expecting to see, instead there was an Imperial Class Star Destroyer flanked by 2 Arquitens Class Light Cruisers and a number of fighters all defending a transport sheltering behind them. Clearly the rebels either had a spy in their midst or the Imperials had boosted all convoy protection following raiding. Furthermore, there was a dense asteroid and debris field in the centre of the battlefield splitting his possible attack lanes into two and the Imperial fleet was positioned behind it. A cunning plan as the Imperials would be able to decide on their convoy path once they saw if an attack was awaiting them. This kind of cunning plan could only have come from someone as devious as Grand Moff Tarkin!

Determined to succeed and not allow the Imperial convoy to easily escape, Sato deployed Salvation to flank round to the left and his Assault Frigate to flank the right side each with orders to focus on the Arquitens cruisers. In a normal engagement taking out that Star Destroyer would be difficult and require concentrating all his fleets firepower on that one ship, but under these conditions it would be almost impossible. The obstacle field was proving a challenge but Sato felt certain his Scout Frigate could thread the needle and hopefully be able to pounce in either direction once the Imperials showed their hand. He additionally sent his Fighter complement, led by Biggs Darklighter, into the dense obstacle field, supported by two VCX transports to provide better communications, while keeping his pair of support transports carefully out of the way of the asteroids and the Imperial fleet.


The engagement began slowly with the Imperials holding back waiting to see where the rebels committed and only sending out their fighter screen. The rebels advanced at medium speed while their fighters threaded their way through the obstacles trying to get to a suitable position to attack from.


Having spotted Soontir Fel nestling behind a pair of Decimators, led by Morna Kee, an X-wing squadron and VCX sprang forward focussing their attacks on Soontir. Unfortunately, the Ace’s superb flying evaded both of them. Identifying the familiar Tie Fighter of Mauler Mithel lurking at long range Tycho decided to get there first and sped onward managing to pin him in position. However, he focussed his attacks on Soontir and, with his fast A-wing a match for Soontir’s interceptor, was able to damage him. Biggs also decided it was time to get involved and caught Soontir unawares blasting him out of the sky. First blood to the Rebels! In revenge, and despite the assistance of Jan Ors and the defensive flying of Biggs, the Decimators and a Jumpmaster, backed up by fire from the Star Destroyer, managed to take out a squadron of X-wings.

The imperial ships continued to hold back but the Scout Frigate firing a solitary long distance torpedo somehow managed to penetrate the Star Destroyer’s front shields and start a compartment fire hindering the giant ships defences. He then moved into a position to threaten both the Star Destroyer and the right hand Arquitens cruiser.


Unfortunately, that attack had mixed success. It managed to batter down some shields on the Star Destroyer and Injure some crew but failed to do more than deplete the side shields on the Arquitens before zooming past them. Sato shook his head at the impulsive captain. At that speed he would be unlikely to get back into the engagement before the convoy escaped! The squadrons continued to dogfight and there must have been some grudge against Tycho as they threw everything they could against him and he was unable to dodge it all. The jumpmaster fell in combat but so did 2 more X-wing squadrons. The imperials then decided to make their move. Tarkin had obviously prepared them for this moment as they all shot forward from slow to high speed with a clear plan to speed past the rebel ships. It didn’t go all according to plan though as the Star Destroyer couldn’t both avoid the asteroids and the danger presented by Salvation closing on him. In the end the captain decided that Salvation represented the bigger threat and accepted the risk of the collision. Unfortunately, that asteroid knocked out his fire control system leaving him now unable to effectively identify neither the Assault Frigate coming up behind him nor Salvation off the starboard side to his front from the asteroid fields in front and behind him. His repair crews were going to need to work fast!

The Arquitens cruisers weren’t in much of a better position either. They both tried to take down Salvation before it could attack but merely knocked down the front shields. One Arquitens drifted into the sights of Salvation who was able to fire both its powerful front arc and a side arc against it. However, despite the captain having replaced some of the turbolasers with torpedos, their accuracy was less than stellar and the Arquitens was able to evade the majority of the shots, emerging unscathed except for a few depleted shields. Salvation slowed to keep the Arquitens in his front arc. The other Arquitens also took turbolaser and torpedo fire from the Assault Frigate but again only a couple of shields were depleted. The Assault Frigate then moved closer in order to bring more of its guns to bear.


Salvation was now able to open fire at a closer range hoping its target would no longer be able to evade. This wasn’t the case but it was still more successful than the last volley. This time the torpedo and laser fire was able to take down the remaining shields and damage over half the ship. As an afterthought the ship fired its starboard arc against the star Destroyer but with the asteroid in the way they were absorbed by the shield. Trying desperately to kill the enemy ship Salvation tried to ram it but fell short. Then In a move that was to be the turning point of the battle the repair crews on the Star Destroyer finally got the fires under control and their systems repaired. Taking advantage of this situation Tarkin ordered his gunners to finish off Salvation. Starting with some initial leading shots the Star Destroyer’s gunners proved their worth and were able to destroy it in just one volley leaving the hulk drifting behind them as they sped away along the convoy route with the damaged Arquitens limping behind them. Meanwhile the Assault Frigate fired all its turbolasers and torpedos into the other Arquitens but it was not enough. Speeding up, the frigate was able to ram the Arquitens but the Arquitens was then able to escape, its hull barely holding together while repair crews frantically tried to keep the engines running. The squadron battle continued. Jan was able to finish off Mauler but was in turn killed by Morna. Biggs and one of the VCX’s sped to try and finish the crippled Arquitens but were unsuccessful. Morna chased and engaged Biggs leaving the remaining Decimator to severely damage the other VCX which in turn fled to the temporary safety of an asteroid.


The convoy was getting away but there was still a chance. The Assault Frigate fired a broadside at the rear of the fleeing Arquitens but it was only enough to undo the work which their repair crews had done. Faced with the prospect of his prey escaping the captain turned his attention to the only ship he could reach – The Gozanti transport itself. While his forward battery proved ineffectual he was able to ram the enemy ship which must have unnerved the crew who then crashed into an asteroid leaving them almost dead in space.  Morna Kee and the other Decimator together finished off Biggs and the damaged VCX. The remaining Imperial ships moved or limped into position ready to make their next jump to hyperspace along the hyperspace route.


With the Gozanti fleeing at speed the Assault Frigate captain realised that his guns were ineffective at this range and he was going to be unable to catch the enemy ship so reluctantly turned away from the pursuit. The Decimators closed in on the remaining VCX dealing massive damage but not quite enough to finish it. Sato realised there was one tiny remaining chance to salvage something from this battle and ordered his other support transport to increase speed. With the added velocity it was able to just catch the enemy Gozanti a last glancing ram but that was enough to knock it out of action, leaving its cargo ripe for salvaging.


The remaining three Imperial ships jumped to hyperspace accompanied by the Decimators having saved their precious cargo and left Sato to order the returning Scout Frigate and Assault Frigate to salvage the wrecked Salvation and recover the escape pods from the destroyed squadrons. The attack had been so close to success but had swung from seeming victory to an expensive defeat in a moment. That cargo was going to make the Imperial fleet even harder to defeat, Sato realised.

Sitting down at his command chair he turned to his console and started formulating training plans. One of his ship captains was in desperate need of learning how to handle initial engagements and the other ships gunners badly needed more target practice. He would be back for his revenge…

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After Action Report - CC-AK-001

Commanding Officer: Admiral Konstantine
Fleet: Shadow Fleet

Sector: Corellia
System: Aurea
Threat Level: Amber


ISB agents have long predicted a rebel insurgence in the Corellian System, its shipyards and commerce an obvious target for the terrorists. Following a campaign of low level insurgency in which they have attempted to set up bases and outposts in the sector, it appears that the Alliance is now preparing to commit fleet resources to further their aims.

Interrogations of a rebel traitor undertaken by the ISB 12 hours ago have revealed that an imminent strike by a rebel fleet commanded by Admiral Madine will occur in Aurea System. Known for his lightning raids with fast moving ships, the deployment of interdiction assets is recommended to ensure that the fleet can be engaged effectively by star destroyers and bomber squadrons.

Mission: Defend the Aurea system from Rebel incursions and construct a base to prevent the Rebels from establishing a presence in the system.


Upon receiving the intel about the rebel strike, I immediately volunteered the Shadow fleet for the defence. It would allow the perfect opportunity to field test our latest fighter developments as well as deploying the experimental G8 projectors in an operational environment.

The ISB interrogation report included the fleet composition and battle deployments, allowing me to deploy an ambush for them within the solar corona of the Aurea system. With the star at our backs, I was confident our new technologies would carry the victory and earn the favour of Lord Vader and the Emperor.

Opening Manoeuvres:-

As they exited hyperspace, the rebel fleet was moving at speed and split into two elements, with the Liberty on our left flank and two assault frigates to our right. The rebel fighter group of mixed X-wings, A-wings and E-wings in the centre.

I immediately ordered my flag to cut off the Liberty and maintain the field advantage, while ordering the interdictor to deploy the G8 projectors to pin the frigates in place.
Our fighters engaged in the centre under the experienced command of our flight controllers. However, in the initial engagement, the controllers were too busy collecting telemetry data on the new fighters to effectively coordinate their attacks. After a stern dressing down, they quickly focused on directing the fighters to a greater effect.

The initial fighter engagement went extremely well, gaining the jump on the rebels inflicted quick losses on their lead elements. Of note, Strom was able to record sufficient kills to be honoured as an Ace.

From there the situation deteriorated. It appears that the infamous Rogue Squadron has been deployed to the sector under the command of Madine and they single-handedly stymied the rebel losses. Even Strom, fresh from his victory against the A-wings failed to inflict casualties on the squadron. He even recklessly fired through our new Defenders in an attempt to finish the Rogues off but succeeded only damaging our own fighters.

While Imperial doctrine allows for "acceptable losses" in fighter engagements, the endangerment of our prized experimental fighters cannot be tolerated. That pilot is as reckless as he is effective.

Initial Engagement

At this stage the speed and manoeuvrability of the rebels became apparent. The Liberty was in danger of slipping around our flank and gaining the field position within the corona, while the AFIIs were closing in on the interdictor’s flank

Captain Bracus of the Centicore was ordered to block the advancing MC80 battle cruiser to pin it in place for our ISD, which he dutifully followed at great personal risk to his ship. However, an extraordinary burst of speed saw the Liberty able to slip past the Arquitens and escape the ISDs main turbolaser batteries.

They must be using some advanced engineering to move that quickly, something to note when engaging this fleet in future. Fortunately, by slipping past our arcs, the liberty was unable to bring their batteries to bear either, allowing the Centicore to manage the incoming fire onto her shields.

The fighter engagement was ongoing, which was of concern as our bombers should have been freed up to engage their capital ships by now. Even the commitment of Gamma Squadron with their anti fighter loadout was unable to finish the Rogues off and were in turn destroyed by the same.

One other instance of note was our bombers reported receiving long range effective fire from the squadron of E-wings. It appears that the rebels have been trialling new squadron tactics which we should study in depth in an attempt to neutralise and if at all possible, imitate.

While the phantoms performed well in the initial engagements, they lack the endurance for a protracted battle, something to be aware of in future.

Closing stages and withdrawal

This led to the engagement of interdictor by two AFIIs approaching in line astern. While the interdictor class cruiser is a formidable ship, this engagement could have gone either way. Fortunately, the two frigates chose to close in rather than skirt the debris field on the right flank, allowing the interdictor to engage them one at a time with effective fire from her midrange batteries.

The G8 experimental projectors were a complete success. They managed to pin the lead frigate in place to block the following ship. This required the lead ship to maximise their thrust in an attempt to escape and avoid a collision from the following ship.

Forcing the frigate into the debris field and pinning it there with the G8 projectors enabled the interdictor, ably supported by our Gozantis, to heavily damage the ship with raking fire. As it turned to escape, the interdictor was able to catch the rear engines of the frigate with concentrated fire to cripple the ship.

The return fire from both the assault frigates and the surviving X-wings dealt heavy damage to the interdictor but the loss of the lead ship signalled the retreat of the rebels as they escaped into hyperspace.


The defence of the Aurea system is complete, the mission objectives achieved and the rebel fleet has scattered. Shadow Fleet remains on station in orbit overseeing the construction of an Imperial base to keep this system in line.

The prototype fighters performed as expected, though the endurance of the phantoms is of concern and will need further trials before their effectiveness can be maximised and further squadrons requested.

Zertik Strom is now something of a hero among the flight crews in the fleet, despite the casualties he caused during the battle. I shall keep a close eye on him in future. Maybe the presence of another ace in the fleet will provide him the leadership to keep him in line and I think I have just the pilot in mind. Maybe I should also procure some more "expendable" fighters to fly alongside him

Captain Mallix and the crew of the interdictor are to be commended on their performance under fire. The experience as veterans of this battle will stand them in good stead for the conflict ahead. I have sent the ship to Corellia for a refit to enhance her interdiction capabilities.

We will ensure that no rebel will ever be able to slip through our fingers.

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Pre-game narrative before defending a planet against the Empires incursion. Game taking plce tonight.


Captain Kell stared out of the viewport at Xyquine II. 

The planet hung in the blackness of space like an aquamarine ball, all tranquil and serene.
Kell had arrived here with the fleet a few weeks ago and they were holding station while the ground forces established a base on the planet below, all part of a larger push into the Corellian Sector.

He wondered how long this lull would last. 
He was sure the Empire was sending out probe droids to locate their bases, especially after the failed attack on Aurea and the thwarted convoy attack at Raider’s Point. 
It was only a matter of time until one of the empire’s agents discovered them.

“Sir” shouted one of ensigns at the sensor station. “We have incoming. 5 contacts bearing 225. 
Two Class 4, two Class 3 and a Class 1 sized contact.”

Kell turned to face the sensor pit.
“Affirmative ensign. Comms. Contact the Startide. Inform Admiral Ackbar we have possible enemy contact bearing 225”

He hoped that this was more reinforcements from central command but he doubted it. 

“Response from the Startide sir. She confirms contacts bearing 225 and is powering up to join us and provide assistance. Confirm, Warhawk also moving up in support” 

“Thank you Comms. Inform Admiral Ackbar that I will defer to his lead…..and inform Captain Jesma aboard the Warhawk that his swift reponse is appreciated”

“Roger that Sir”

The sensor station came alive again
“Confirm, we also have 3 YT’s pushing up into orbit.” 

“Comms. Inform those old rogues that we appreciate their assistance”

“Roger Sir. Uh….a Mister Raglon says you owe him a bottle of Sacra for this”

Kell turned with a smile
“Let him know I’ll get him a case”

“Sir” shouted out ensign Vale at the sensor station.“Confirm. Enemy contact”
“Class one contact is a Star Destroyer. Ident tags list her as the Devastator” 
“That’s Lord Vader’s ship” she exclaimed with fear

“Thank you ensign. Push the information fleetwide” said Kell

Vader……here…….things just got a bit more serious. 
“Shields to full. Ready all batteries. All pilots to their fighters”

Kell clicked the shipwide broadcast switch

“Attention all crew. Battlestations. This is not a drill. Repeat. This is not a drill. Prepare for battle!!”

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Followup from the battle last night. We left Captain Varran Kell just about to face off against an attack by Vader.


“Sir. A-Wing squadrons confirm launch. The freighters are forming up to assist”

Captain Varan Kell glanced out the viewport of the Mon Cayuga as the Startide come alongside into formation.

Admiral Ackbar wanted to present a solid wall of broadsides for the enemy to run into, as well as block off access to the planet below. All this to give the ground forces enough time to evacuate the base. 
There was no point remaining now that the Empire had found them. The fleet was just not strong enough yet.

“Acknowledged. Signal all squadrons. Form up on the Cruisers. Escort pattern. We don’t want anything to get through”

“Aye Sir” confirmed one of the comms ensigns.

Kell glanced down at the sensor screen at his console. 
‘What the devil was Jesma playing at’ he thought to himself. The damn fool was speeding off into an attack pattern. He was always headstrong…..especially for a Mon Cal.

“Hail the Warhawk. Request clarification that they did receive orders to swing round the outside of the engagement”

“Aye Sir”

The enemy were closer now and he could clearly see the dagger shape of an Artiquens class and a blunt shaped Gladiator class powering in to contact.

Behind them a pair of Gozantis were forming up to escort them in…..but why was Devastator hanging back….what did Vader hope to achieve?

“Response from Warhawk Sir. Captain Jesma sends his regards. Confirms receipt of orders but relays he is cutting across the enemy formation.

Intention: split enemy forces to allow ground forces the time they need to evacuate. Has communicated intent to Admiral Ackbar on the Startide and has been given permission to proceed”

‘The damn fool. The damn brave, heroic fool’ Kell thought. ‘It might actually work though.’

“Confirm receipt of intent. Send them my regards and May The Force Be With Them”

Kell watched as the Warhawk pushed into the heart of the enemy fleet, cutting across the bow of the Devastator and unloading a full missile and turbolaser broadside into Vaders flagship.

His gunners also managed to hit the Arquitens hard with another devastating volley. He almost cheered….but was cut short when he saw her shields flare and then collapse.

Numerous impact points splayed along her hull which could only be torpedo strikes from bomber squadrons.
Powering away, she glanced off the prow of the Gladiator class who was steaming in to finish her off.

“Signal Warhawk. Tell her to jump out NOW!!”

“Response from the Warhawk sir. May the Force be with you. See you at the rendezvous”

Limping badly away from the Gladiator, she jumped to the safety of hyperspace
Kell breathed a sigh of relief. Jesma may be a reckless madman but you couldn’t deny his courage. He also counted him amongst his friends. He was glad to see the jump to safety.

“Signal from the Admiral sir. Concentrate fire on the Gozantis when they come into range. The Startide will target the fleeing Arquitens and Gladiator. All A-Wing squadrons have also been tasked onto the Gladiator”

“Send acknowledgement ensign”

It seemed Jesma had done his job. Both smaller ships had turned tail and limped off, peeling away from the planet.

The Gladiator sped away with buckled hull plates, having taking some missile hits from the A-Wings and a fleeting broadside from the Startide.

The Arquitens too managed to get away. The long range turbolasers of the Startide chasing her but not doing enough to destroy her, despite some internal fires raging.

“Sir. Confirm Gozantis peeling away but should be in range momentarily”

“Gunners free. Aft batteries target the port ship. Fore batteries target the starboard one”

One thunderous broadside later, both small escorts were drifting hulks.
Meanwhile the Devastator had powered past the Startide, both ships exchanging fleeting shots that didn’t penetrate either ships shields. 

So that was Vaders plan. Keep our cruisers busy and power past to target the evacuation ships.
It seems that Jesma’s semi suicidal run bought the evacuation the time it needed.

“Signal from fleet command sir. All transports are away. Evacuation complete. Jump to the rendezvous order received”

“Thank you comms. Inform surviving A-Wings to jump out at will. We will not be recovering at this time” 
“Helm. Set coordinates. Initiate jump to lightspeed”

Kell turned towards the viewports and watched as the light slowly bended inwards in streams of white.

Vader may have taken the planet…..but the greatest resource of the Rebellion, its courageous people, had escaped to fight another day.
Mon Cayuga leapt forward to lightspeed with vengeance on Her mind.

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May as well post mine too.  I've made the first line of every round link in the token Tarkin handed out- seems like it makes the narrative pretty easy to wrap around the game!


Raiders Point - Day 2 of the Corellian Conflict

Grand Moff Tarkin stood on the bridge of his personal Star Destroyer, the Executrix. Reports of increased unrest continued to pour in from across the Corellian sector, surface skirmishes breaking out between Imperial garrisons and local discontents.

An Imperial research taskforce studying the effects of a Star's mass on gravity and light distorting technology was ambushed by a Rebel fleet, much larger than should be possible. Already enroute to inspect the shipyards above Corellia, Governor Tarkin had taken control of local sector forces, ready to quash these rebel upstarts before they became a real problem.

The Executrix and its escort dropped out of hyperspace at one of the many nav buoys marking the route to Corellia. A recent catastrophic containment failure on a mining ship had scattered debris across the hyperlane, forcing ships to leave hyperspace and re-plot courses.

As the hyperdrive spooled down, a computer in one of the bridge pits started emitting an urgent chiming.  
"Unidentified contacts sir, three frigates closing on our position!"
This shouldn't be possible, Tarkin thought. Konstantine had reported the Rebel fleet as crippled and routed yesterday...

Round 1
"Sound all quarters, begin finding firing solutions. Stay in formation, maintain quarter speed ahead."

"Sir, massed fighter wings appearing out of the no fly zone; they were hiding in the asteroids!"

Round 2
"Launch fighters, form a screen. Let nothing through."

"Sir, they are continuing to approach... and asteroids dead ahead!"

"Maintain course Lieutenant."

"Right sir. Flight Control Centre reports squadrons engaged."

"The centre frigate has accelerated! Its in weapon range!"

Round 3
"Inform the escort commanders to prepare to match course."

"Sir, incoming fire from the frigates! Missiles! Port shields are failing!"

"Reroute from the prow. They must be coordinating fire from inside their fighter squadrons. Issue targeting orders on any likely support craft."

Suddenly, Tarkin spotted what he was waiting for, a gap in the enemy lines had appeared, opened by the over zealous centre frigate. With damage control boards flashing damage to shield capacitors, it was now or never.

"Accelerate to full ahead! Hard to port!"

"But sir, the asteroid field!"

"Captain, relieve that man. Full speed!"

The Star Destroyer's engines awoke, the dim blue glow becoming blinding lights as it accelerated towards the Rebel line- and the asteroids.

A klaxon starts blaring- the collision warning. The crew brace as a cluster of asteroids lance across the bow. 

"Damage report!"

"The primary targeting array is down; rerouting to secondary, but it'll take time!"

The Rebel frigates begin to turn, trying to keep their main gun decks pointing at Tarkin's ship.

As the Executrix launches forward, its light cruiser escorts and support ships match its pace, but the formation widens, losing cohesion to avoid more collisions. Though the Arquiten's captains are relieved to avoid the obstacles, they are both suddenly aware that they have positioned themselves between the frigates and their target...

Round 4
"All power to shields."

With the Star Destroyer now sat amidst asteroids and debris, the Rebel frigates direct fire at the escort cruisers, both sat in clear shot. Missiles, proton torpedoes, and turbo laser shots streak towards the cruisers. Both are hit hard, shields buckling.

"The Flight Control Centre is reporting positive identification on the Rebel support craft providing fire control, but we can't break through their escorts!"

"Continue to try."

Dead ahead of the Star Destroyer, a frigate was firing salvo after salvo into one of the escorts, its shields failing.  

"Coordinate fire from all ships on that Frigate!"

The turrets of the escorts turn and begin pounding the forward shields.

Just as the shields fail, both escorts pass out of firing arc, unable to inflict real damage. The frigate begins to yaw, trying to escape.

"Sir! Our fire control systems have been rerouted to the secondary targeting arrays, our main batteries are back online."

"Target the frigate, you may fire when ready."

Assisted by the computer calculations again, the main batteries unleashed upon the bow of the unshielded frigate, tearing through its armour. Even as it tried to escape, leading shots ensured accuracy, all shots landing.

The frigate explodes.

Round 5
"Continue to route power to shields. Deploy damage control teams."

"Our squadrons have thinned through the escorts, we are hitting their command and control now!"

"Maintain maximum speed, move out of the asteroid fields."

"Long range fire is dropping, they can't target us without the squadrons sir!"

Round 6
"Get me a full damage assessment."

As the Executrix and its escorts leave the asteroid field, the Rebel frigates fleeing, Tarkin begins writing his battle report.

The only lasting damage was to a Gozanti transport, rammed by a Rebel Transport in its eagerness to escape.

It now clear that it is not just one small pirate fleet causing problems, Tarkin instructs his Captain to lay in a course for Corellia. From there, he will coordinate the effort to crush the Rebellion.


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14 hours ago, NobodyInParticular said:

Great reports, really looking forward to more!

Now, is it just me or have the Rebels lost every battle? It seems like every single report ends with them being on the cusp of victory before evacuating or being torn apart. . .

Cheers mate

Its not just you. Rebels have lost every battle so far and were 2-0 down. Last night didn't go any better and lost a further 2 games. 4-0 down and the last game for this round is on Thursday.

To be honest though, the games have been very tight.....for example the one game last night was decided by 5 points!!!....and came down to one blue die that missed on the final roll of the game....otherwise a dead Jonas and victory for the Rebels....AND we would have taken Corellia

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1 minute ago, SmurfWedge said:

Cheers mate

Its not just you. Rebels have lost every battle so far and were 2-0 down. Last night didn't go any better and lost a further 2 games. 4-0 down and the last game for this round is on Thursday.

To be honest though, the games have been very tight.....for example the one game last night was decided by 5 points!!!....and came down to one blue die that missed on the final roll of the game....otherwise a dead Jonas and victory for the Rebels....AND we would have taken Corellia

Ouch. . . man that must have been a let down. . . ah well, given that you are still playing  I assume you're all having fun, so as long as that continues, I guess the score doesn't matter too much, does it?

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9 minutes ago, NobodyInParticular said:

Ouch. . . man that must have been a let down. . . ah well, given that you are still playing  I assume you're all having fun, so as long as that continues, I guess the score doesn't matter too much, does it?

It wasn't me playing that one....but man that's gutting. Yeah we all having fun and throwing about some banter......and that's what its all about. Hoping to be able to play the big battle at the end though!

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Darth Vader gazed out of The Devastator's forward viewport at the shining pride of the Rebel fleet, the escaped slave Ackbar's MC80 flagship.

"From Xyquine to Corfai - I told you there would be no escape. I have you now."

"My Lord - Colonels Stele and Jendon report ready. And Captain Screed on The Demolisher sends his compliments and says he awaits your Lordship's pleasure.'

'Excellent. Have the Bounty Hunters reached position?"

"My...my... My Lord. Captain Needa felt that we didn't need that scu..."

*urrrgh* *accch* *urrrgh*

"Choose your words carefully now, Commander."

*ach* *hrrrgh*

"...A-a-apologies my Lord. Of course."

"Signal Fett, IG and Bossk to prepare for maximum disintegrations."

"Yes my Lord."

"All units. This is Vader. Execute."

In an instant the Imperials and their dark allies moved to fulfill the Dark Lord's plan. IG and Bossk cut across the A-Wing fighter screen, entangling them in the same moment that Fett and Stele opened up on Ackbar's flagship. 

Devastator barraged once, twice, thrice - each volley growing in power as the Sith Lord threw the power of the Dark Side at his prey. 

Reaching out further through the Force, the Dark Lord now dropped all pretense of verbal command. He seized the minds and motors of his vessel and flung Devastator forward directly into the path of the Rebel's pride. 

Only the Force could guide such precision movements of his fleet and fighters now. Thus did Demolisher draw up with flawless navigational precision alongside the prow of both ISD and MC80 alike - drawing the narrowest of perfect lines against its target. With Assault Proton Torpedoes joining the raking fire of Imperial Aces and Devastator alike, Ackbar's flagship howled... and died. 

Vader raised his head. Had his grim visage been capable of mirth it might have almost shown it. 

"Proceed to Corfai commanders and prepare for full planetary subjugation. I shall report this fresh victory to my master."



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